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Great Weight Loss Tips to Keep You on Track this Holiday Season.

The Holiday’s naturally lend themselves to overeating, and that’s alright, IF it’s an exception.

It’s the holiday season, so if you stay on plan with our delicious holiday recipes and weight loss tips, you will set yourself up for sustained success throughout the Holiday Season and will sidestep old habits that historically have led to weight gain and going off track – EVEN IF YOU OVER EAT.



Stay on your weight loss and nutritional plan for each course of your holiday meal.
EVERYONE will enjoy the feast!
Remember – to lose the weight and keep it off – YOU’VE GOT TO LIVE IT!


• Peel and eat shrimp with a cocktail sauce
Doc’s Rosemary Cheese Chips
Doc’s Dill Yogurt Dip with Raw veggies: cucumbers (remember they are unlimited), celery, red, yellow and green peppers dipped in Doc’s Delicious Dip.
• Large scallops wrapped in Turkey Bacon (follow our recipe for scallops, but wrap in turkey bacon before cooking) Doc’s Seared Scallops.

Soups & Salads:

• Try any one of our delicious soups, but we suggest keeping it light with a big holiday meal!
Doc’s Cucumber Salad is a light start to your holiday meal.
Doc’s Iceberg Lettuce Wedge Just leave off the turkey and cheese when this is an appetizer to a larger meal.

Main Course:

Turkey is a very lean protein!
• Use the natural gravy in the turkey roasting pan instead of a flour-based gravy (Don’t forget to spoon off the fat).
• Try Doc’s Stuffing, made with our Paleo bread.
• Instead of Cranberry Sauce, try one of these options: Fresh cranberries (adding Splenda is optional) or try Walden Farms Cranberry Sauce, which has zero calories. We now carry a large variety of Walden Farms products to help you stay on plan! (consider pre-ordering the Cranberry Sauce from us!)
• No mashed potatoes – serve Doc’s Garlic or Wasabi Smashed Cauliflower
Doc’s Green Bean Crisps are a great substitute for the standard green bean casserole.
• Enjoy your vegetables but avoid those that are “dressed up.”


Doc’s Baked Apples – a seasonal treat!
Doc’s Ricotta Cinnamon Delight – a Sweet Treat
• Fresh fruit is always a good choice. Try one of these:
……o Simply Fresh Berries with Walden Farm’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Sauce
……o Sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon and Splenda
……o Any fruit garnished with fresh mint
Doc’s Grilled Peaches – YUM!
• For a “fancier” dessert you can serve Doc’s Strawberry Cheesecake – a sure winner!


Lose Weight. Change Your Diet and Eating Habits.

Change your life with the help of CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists’ medically supervised weight loss program. Our customized medically supervised weight loss program will set you and keep you on the path to a healthier life.

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