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Our established entry criteria for patients is dictated by your entry level height and weight, or if you have medical risk factors such as Metabolic Syndrome, which is defined as having three out of the five following characteristics:

  1. A waist size greater than 35 inches for women, and greater than 40 inches for men
  2. High blood pressure
  3. High triglycerides
  4. Low HDL (good) cholesterol
  5. Insulin resistance or Type-2 Diabetes

Each of the above is associated with varying degrees of cardiovascular risk. Having three or more is associated with a dramatic increased risk. Our objective is to reverse these conditions and their associated risks to improve the quality of your life.

Our medically supervised weight loss program provides the foundation to obtain your healthy weight quickly and safely. Based on the experiences of our patients who follow their program, you can expect to lose five to 10 pounds your first week and 15 to 20 pounds your first month.

We recommend you allow one-and-a-half to two hours for the initial wellness consultation. The duration of the appointment will depend on your specific needs. We will do our best to accommodate your time constraints.

Although we do not accept insurance, many of our patients are able to get reimbursed for their participation in our program because we uniquely specialize in medically supervised weight loss, disease prevention and disease regression. We suggest you contact your insurance carrier and inquire as to your specific benefits. We will do our best to provide you with the supporting documentation required by your medical insurance provider.

We generally treat patients who have reached puberty and truly want to lose weight, and who have the support of their family. We often use natural “fillers” to help suppress hunger. We do not prescribe appetite suppressants to patients under the age of 17. However, our younger patients have enjoyed excellent success.

This is NOT a diet program. Rather, it becomes your new way of living. We can and will teach you how to turn your weight loss success into a lifelong commitment to your health and well-being, without being hungry!

The components of our medically supervised weight loss program include:

  • A comprehensive medical and health assessment
  • Individualized diet and nutritional planning and on-going weight loss education
  • FDA approved appetite suppressants to control hunger (when medically indicated)
  • Supplemental vitamin injections to enhance overall weight loss
  • Nutritional weight loss supplements selected by our weight loss physician to meet your specific needs
  • Exercise counseling and support
  • Weekly visits with our medically trained staff to monitor your progress and provide quality medical care and ongoing weight loss support
  • Regular follow-up visits with our physician who is ALWAYS on site

With our help you will lose weight safely and quickly, and once you are at your goal, you’ll have the tools to keep it off! Don’t forget, we’ll be here for you 24/7!

FDA approved appetite suppressants are recommended by the National Institute of Health for the treatment of weight loss, as they have a proven track record for being a safe way to effectively control hunger.

Currently, we prescribe and dispense either phentermine or diethypropamine which are FDA approved appetite suppressants and are generally very well tolerated. Both phentermine and diethypropion primarily target the hunger centers in the brain and quell hunger and cravings. In over 12 years, none of our patients have experienced life threatening complications with either medication under our supervision.

Alternatively, we offer a filler which is taken with water by mouth one hour prior to meals. The filler acts by gently increasing in size within the stomach, creating a feeling of fullness. It is not absorbed by the body.

By coupling/pairing either type of appetite suppressant with the specific food selections in your nutritional plan you are truly satisfied by your meals and are free of hunger. Both options offer similar results. Many of our patients stop their appetite suppressant on their own. The power of our program is in the nutritional plan and supplements, as well as the support you receive in our center.

Of note, many of our patients do not receive appetite suppressants. They still achieve effective weight loss and long-term weight loss success comparable to our patients who use suppressants.

With or without appetite suppressants, after just several days on our program, you will be free of your undesirable cravings and will be truly satisfied by the food we recommend you eat. In fact, many of our patients who start on appetite suppressants stop taking them because they are simply not hungry and do not have cravings.

Absolutely not. The combination of phen/fen was taken off the market due to its negative effects on health. We use only FDA approved appetite suppressants that are recommended by the National Institute of Health because of their long-term safety and effectiveness record.

No. HCG is the hormone measured in urine and blood tests to determine if a woman is pregnant. A 2011 USA Today article entitled, “HCG weight-loss products are fraudulent, FDA says,” addresses the ill-advised use of HCG for weight loss in detail.

The supplemental injections are a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They are vital to our weight loss program as they enhance your weight loss results. They help your body eliminate fat, control carbohydrate metabolism, aid your body’s immune system and increase energy. We strongly encourage their use during the acute weight loss Wellness Transformation phase and during the New Lifestyle phase.

No. An FDA approved appetite suppressant controls your appetite.

No. Our injections are a combination of B12, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Learn more about our B-12 injections

To ensure we provide you the best medical service possible, an EKG and blood work must be performed during your initial visit. This allows our physician and staff to use the most current and accurate information when completing your initial health assessment.

Yes. Weekly visits are essential to your success as they give us the opportunity to: monitor your progress; discuss questions, concerns and/or problems; dispense your weekly medications; provide you with one-on-one coaching on our established weight loss methods; and celebrate your successes.

We use a low caloric diet that consists of lean protein, favorable carbohydrates and good fats. Our proven and effective nutritional plan increases the body’s ability to burn fat and curb sweet and starch cravings.

No. We do NOT insist that our patients exercise. Our experience has been that as our patients lose weight they tend to become more active on their own. Based on the milestones of your individual weight loss program, we’ll conduct a personal assessment to evaluate your activity level. We’ll then make recommendations to incorporate exercise into your daily lifestyle as an aid to achieving your personal weight goal, and maintaining your healthy weight range long-term.

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