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Our Approach to Help You Lose Weight Fast…and Keep it Off

A Two Phase Weight Loss Plan

*Results are typical, but cannot be guaranteed.

Weight Loss Phase 1:”Wellness Transformation”

Unlike the yo-yo results of typical diet programs, when executed effectively and followed methodically, our approach ensures your long-term weight loss success. Because this is not a diet program, it is:

  • Easy to follow
  • Quick to incorporate into your normal lifestyle
  • Beneficial to your overall health and wellness, both physically and mentally

The first phase of your weight loss plan consists of the following components for healthy weight loss:

Diet, Nutrition, and Hydration

Nutritional plans, not diet programs, are the first order of business to lose weight fast.

Getting you started with healthy nutrition changes how your body works (your body’s physiology), and addresses behavioral issues, which together, set you up for long-term weight loss success.
More About Diet & Nutrition

Appetite Suppressants

You will decide with Dr. Schiff if the use of appetite suppressants is right for you.
More About Using Appetite Suppressants to Help Weight Loss

Continued Weight Loss Education, Support and Monitoring

It is only when we come to understand how our decisions affect our weight and health, and how we can take control of the choices we make, that we can bring about behavioral changes.
More About Weight Loss Monitoring

Weight Loss Supplements

Supplemental injections, a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, are vital to our weight loss program as they enhance your ability to lose weight fast. More About Weight Loss Supplements

Physical Activity and Exercise

Based on the milestones achieved on your individual weight loss program, we’ll conduct a personal assessment to evaluate your activity level. More About Exercise & Weight Loss

Weight Loss Phase 2: “New Lifestyle”

This is the most important part of our weight loss program in that it ensures you don’t gain the weight back and you remain in excellent health and overall wellness.

Unlike diet programs and fads, we continue to provide support once you have reached your goal weight and your body fat is maximally reduced.

This phase consists of:

  1. Diet, Nutrition and Hydration
  2. Weight Loss Supplements
  3. Physical Activity and Exercise
  4. Continued Education, Support and Monitoring

You will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of diet programs by managing nutritional challenges such as:

  • Whole grain carbohydrates and nuts
  • Managing the glycemic index of your meals
  • Maximizing your sense of satisfaction from food without the use of prescription appetite suppressants or cravings

It’s important to choose the weight loss program that’s best suits your lifestyle. Check out our Weight Loss Clinic Comparison

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