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The Most Trusted Weight Loss Clinic in Pembroke Pines, FL

CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists is South Florida’s most trusted Cardiologist Supervised weight loss program.

Weight Loss Program

Our Medical Director, Dr. Schiff, and his qualified weight loss specialists will help you overcome the roadblocks that prevent you from meeting your weight loss goals and keeping a healthy weight. Our weight loss clinic provides Cardiologist supervised programs such as Semaglutide injections ( known by brand names Ozempic® and Wegovy®) and Tirzepatide (commonly known as Mounjaro™ and Zepbound™) and has helped so many people in South Florida maintain healthy weight. Get started today!

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Why Choose CardioMender?

We are more than just a diet doctor, diet clinic or diet program

No contracts! No special foods! No more fad diets

No gimmicks, HCG, surgery or quick fixes. We are an evidence based program

Our patients receive on-going weight loss counseling and nutritional diet planning

Patient Reviews

Based on 220 reviews
Isabel Newman
Isabel Newman
March 11, 2024.
CardioMender MD is a fantastic facility. The staff is caring and respectful. There is no exception, it starts with Omar at the front desk, Sherry in the admin office and the medical staff, Yuli and Dr Schiff. Dr Schiff is knowledgable beyond his field, he is willing to listen and analyze all your lab work thoroughly. He is dedicated, knowledgable and kind. I have never been to a medical office quite like this one. Thank you for all you do.
Stephanie Lozano
Stephanie Lozano
March 4, 2024.
So happy that I decided to come here. Everyone here truly cares about your health journey and making sure you are losing weight safely. I am losing weight and most importantly I feel great. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
February 25, 2024.
I have been going to CardioMender for a while (I’ve lost 30 pounds since November), and I must say this is one of the best weight loss facilities in South Florida. Everybody from the doctors, nurses, staff, etc. are all friendly, kind, caring, and will help you meet your weight loss goals. This weight loss program is monitored by a cardiologist who makes sure that you are not only loosing weight but that you are physically healthy and your heart is healthy as well. When you start your program, they run bloodwork, EKG, and other tests, so they can find the best plan for you. Then you go in weekly to see how you’re going along with your plan. The office gives you all the essentials that you need in order to become successful on your weight loss. Also they’re available whenever you need them if you have any questions. Everybody the office is so motivating and amazing, you feel almost at home going in for your meetings. Dr. Schiff, Jannara, Moise, Shari, Omar, Mel, and Julie are amazing and there to support you on your journey.
Elle Claire
Elle Claire
February 19, 2024.
Coming to CardioMender has been the best decision I could have made. Everything I need to be successful is all here. Losing weight with their program has been easy & fun. Sherry, Julie, Moises, Omar, Dr. Schiff and the whole staff are very supportive, encouraging and caring & I look forward to going each week to see my progress. Thank You for helping me in reaching my goals.
Shauna Smith
Shauna Smith
February 14, 2024.
This program is REAL‼️‼️ it’s no joke. I have been doing this and I have lost a lot of weight!!! It’s very easy… Thanks to the amazing staff and Dr. Barry at the CardioMender. Dr. Barry is very personal. He has a complete open door policy; he NEVER rushes you. He takes his time to explain the program in details. I love it here!!!
Richard Bedgood
Richard Bedgood
February 14, 2024.
It works 100 percent get to it!!
Carolina Isusquiza
Carolina Isusquiza
December 21, 2023.
So happy I found CardioMender! The staff is incredible and extremely supportive. They’ve helped me get into the groove of a healthy weight loss plan for myself and it’s been a success so far.
katia parrilla
katia parrilla
December 7, 2023.
Is the best decision that I ever made. It really worked. Super happy with the results 🙌🏻
Lucy Abess
Lucy Abess
December 6, 2023.
Both my husband and I struggled with weight gain. We both are in the program for entirely different reasons, but we have the same goal of health. My husband, a diabetic, started this program obese, diabetic, and miserable. He has successfully followed the program for over a year and is still going strong. He no longer needs any medications to help control his blood sugar and is feeling better than ever and is 30 pounds lighter and dropping. I started the program in perimenopause, bloated, and well on my way to being obese. I can follow the same program as my husband, which makes things simple. I have lost almost 15 pounds and counting. In addition to losing weight, I have been able to lower my bad cholesterol, balance my hormones, and reduce inflammation. One final element to the Cardio Mender program is the Pantry. All the products there are vetted and clearly labeled. I can confidently shop in there for some yummy snacks and meal replacement options again with zero guess work. I have also researched the prices on many of the products at the pantry are either the same or lower. The Cardio Mender program is a source of comfort in my home. It has enabled me to eliminate all guessing in my and my family’s health journey. The staff and doctors are compassionate, thoroughly explain all elements of the program, and most importantly they show you how to live better without program. No magic, no subscriptions, no guess work.

Our Medical Team

Barry Schiff, MD
Barry H. Schiff, MD is proud to serve as our weight loss program’s Founder and Medical Director. His interest in weight management evolved from observing his patients experience the vicious cycle of recurring health issues.
Julio Crespo, FNP-BC
Julio is a Cuban trained Medical Doctor specializing in Family Medicine and Intensive Care. He has worked as a Primary Care Physician in many countries, from South America to Pakistan as part of the International Contingent of Doctors, and specialized in Disasters and Serious Epidemics as a member of the "Henry Reeve Team".
Yanara Diaz, FNP-BC
Yanara is a Cuban trained doctor with more than 15 years of experience in patient care. She graduated in 2005 as a Doctor in Medicine from Superior Institute of Medical Sciences in Villa Clara, Cuba.
Shari Unger
Shari Unger has provided over twenty-five years of high-quality management in the healthcare and banking industries. She is highly focused on ensuring the customer experience is always the highest quality possible.
Jannara Stevenson
Jannara always wanted to help others feel great about themselves and live a healthier life. Working at CardioMender, MD has been the perfect place to help patients achieve a better life as a result of a healthier lifestyle.
Moises Hernandez
Originally from Cuba, Moises was educated in Florida and has worked in the medical field for over 15 years. His experience is in renal care, HIV care, mental health and elderly care.
Julie Barrera
Julie’s passion for health care has led her down many paths in the health and fitness industry.
Angel Kirschweng
Angel has two Bachelor's degrees, one of them is a Bachelors of Science in Allied Health Sciences and the other is a (BSIS) Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Concentration in Health Science and Psychology. She is a Certified Master Trainer, Certified Spartan SGX Trainer, and is Nationally Certified in Nutrition and Lifestyle Management.
Omar Longa

Omar was born in Venezuela and moved to Miami with…

Jannelle Gratereaux
Jannelle was born in Miami, Florida but her family’s roots are in the Dominican Republic where she lived from the age of 2 to 6.
Anabel Zaldivar
Anabel was born in Havana, Cuba and moved to the US at 12 years old. She’s been serious about her studies ever since, and received her AA at the MDC Honors College before transferring to the University of North Carolina, where she got her BS in Biology.

Our Recipes

A very flexible dish, to eat warm or cold, spicy or mild. Sure to become a Passover favorite. This is a dish that you can make to suit, adding ingredients as you like or as you remember from your childhood. Amounts are purposely omited – use as you like. Ingredients…
Treat yourself! Ingredients: 3 to 4 oz of precooked Shrimp (you can also replace langostino) 3 tablespoons Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar Half a tablespoon of Cardiomender, MD Blood Orange or Mandarin Orange Ultra-Premium Olive Oil Fresh Orange Wedge Cracked black pepper Serve over a bed of arugula Directions: Take…
Short on time? Our versatile Cheese Dip is the perfect staple to add to your Thanksgiving dinner or any other celebratory events. Used as a dip, sauce, or soup, this dish will not disappoint. Dip To use the Cheese Dip, use 1 packet with 3 oz. of water and stir.…
Crispy and delicious, air-fried zucchini strips make a great snack, appetizer or side dish. Ingredients: Cooking spray 1 medium zucchini 1/4 cup CarbquikTM 1 egg, lightly beaten 1/8 cup shredded parmesan cheese 1 tbsp. water ½ cup of our Zero-Net-Carb Plain or Zero-Net-Carb Italian Breadcrumbs Italian Herbs, salt and pepper to…
Stay hydrated in the most tasty and tropical way by combining the delicious flavors of strawberry and mango. Quick and easy to make, you’ll find yourself enjoying this cool shake on those hot summer days.  Prep Time: 1-2 min, Cook Time 3-4 minutes Ingredients: 1 CMMD High-Protein Tropical Mango Shaker…
Satisfy your tropical sweet tooth with this taste-bud-temping meal replacement smoothie made with on-plan ingredients that you can find right in our store.    Prep Time: 1-2 minutes, Cook Time 3-4 minutes Ingredients: 1 CMMD High-Protein Tropical Mango Shaker 1 chilled Ready-to-Drink CMMD Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake 6-8 frozen strawberries…
No matter where you are, feel like you are on a tropical vacation with Doc’s delicious Mango Slushy. Super easy to make, you will be tempted to indulge in this frozen treat all summer long! Prep Time: 2 min, Cook Time 1.5-3 hours. Ingredients: 1 CMMD High-Protein Tropical Mango Shaker…
Enjoy a creamy, earthy, flavorful cup of hot or iced Matcha to get a healthy dose of antioxidants, any time of the day. Ingredients: 1 ¼ teaspoon Matcha green tea powder 1 tablespoon hot water 1 CardioMender, MD Vanilla Protein Shake (Exchange = 1 VLP) Stevia or Whole EarthTM to taste Optional: Walden Farms…
Try this delicious breakfast, a weight loss substitute for classic matzah (matzo) brei. Keep your favorite holiday breakfast and stay on plan.It’s another of our healthy recipes! Ingredients 3 eggs 1/3 Cali’flour crust, cooked per CMMD recipe for Faux Focaccia or Substitute Matzah Optional: sweetener such as stevia, black pepper to taste Directions Mix/…
Try this delicious breakfast, or perhaps snack. It’s another of our healthy recipes! Ingredients 1/2 cup no-fat Greek Yogurt (unsweetened and no fruit) 1/3 cup ProGranola, available in our CardioMender, MD pantry Optional: drizzle of CardioMender, MD Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Vinegar, or any of our dark balsamic vinegars Directions Combine granola with yogurt.…
Looking for a great low carb recipe for Blueberry Pancakes? Here it is. You will not believe this is a low carb pancake, and is “on plan”. And it includes a pancake topping, a syrup substitute that is delicious! Ingredients: 1 egg 1/4 Cup fat free Greek yogurt 1/4 Cup…
Ingredients 2 pieces of Paleo Coconut Bread (Available in our Pantry) 2 Tablespoons of Phili fat free cream cheese Walden Farms Strawberry Jelly – Zero calorie (Available in our Pantry) This paleo sandwich counts as 2 Very Lean Proteins (VLP’s) ENJOY!
Try Doc’s warm, autumn-inspired recipe! This simple and delicious dessert is the perfect addition to your fall dinner plans. Try it tonight and share it with your friends and family! Prep Time: 5 min, Cook Time 45-50 min. Ingredients: 1 medium to large apple of your choice 1-2 tablespoons CardioMender,…
If you love mousse, then try this recipe which is rich, creamy and oh so delicious. A hint of Amaretto or raspberry, your choice, makes it special. Ingredients: 1/4 cup non-fat, plain Greek yogurt 2 Tbspn flavored CMMD hot chocolate mix, such as Amaretto or Raspberry, found in our pantry…
Candy on a weight loss program? You bet!! Make your own gummy candy using our CardioMender, MD flavored gelatin and enjoy! Ingredients: 1 packet CMMD High Protein Gelatin 2 packets Unflavored Gelatin 1/3 cup water Directions: Combine Gelatin packets Add water Let stand 10 minutes Microwave on high for 30…
Enjoy this cool, refreshing chocolate pudding on a hot day, or make it your favorite dessert any day your sweet tooth kicks in! You will simply love its rich and creamy texture. Don’t forget to try all of our healthy and tasty desserts. Ingredients: Double Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix found in…
Try these delicious CardioMender, MD Recipes for your Thanksgiving Feast. Each chef inspired recipe is on plan and will be sure to have you thankful this holiday season! Garlic Herb Roasted Turkey  Doc’s String Beans   Roasted Vegetables   Eggplant and Mushrooms   Mashed Potatoes: Garlic and Sour Cream and…
Comforting, warm and satisfying, this Sloppy Joe is another one of our CardioMender, MD healthy recipes. And so quick and easy to prepare! Ingredients: CardioMender, MD Sloppy Joe Mix – 1 package 5 oz. Water SmartBUN, sold in our CardioMender, MD pantry, either plain or sesame Directions: Prepare Sloppy Joe…
3 ounces of pickled herring contains 578 IU of vitamin D and is also a good source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, making it a delicious and nutritious meal to satisfy your cravings. Add Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese & Greek Yogurt to this dish for half the fat…
Enjoy this light, easy to prepare meal. Ingredients CardioMender, MD Fusili Pasta Meal Starter 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil 1/2 Cup chopped Zucchini 1/4 Cup Chopped Mushrooms 1 Tablespoon of water 1/2 teaspoon oregano 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder Salt and pepper to taste 1 tablespoon crumbled feta Directions Bring at…
Looking for the perfect partner for your chicken tortilla soup? Try this delicious, refreshing, and healthy southwest salad that can be ready in minutes! Ingredients: Salad 4 cups torn salad greens ¼  cucumber  ¼ cup diced red sweet pepper ¼ cup thinly sliced onion 1 tsp lime juice 1 tsp…
There could not be a more simple recipe for croutons on your weight loss plan. Each delicious serving provides 15 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. Ingredients: 1 bag Toast Parisien, cut up 1-2 Teaspoons CMMD Extra Virgin Olive Oil, flavored. Our favorites for this recipe are Garlic,…
This delicious turkey ham salad pairs well with our crunchy toasts, toasted smart buns or rolled up with some lettuce and cheese in one of our wraps. Ingredients, per serving Jennie-O® Lean Turkey Ham (use ¼ of a 32 oz package for total of 8 oz) 1 tbsp diced pimento…
Ingredients: Doc’s Grilled Salmon recipe found on our website (can substitute boneless canned salmon or tuna in water) For each 4 oz. of salmon: ½ Tbspn olive oil or light mayonnaise Fresh lemon or lime, a few sqeezes ½ Tbspn celery, finely chopped ½ Tbspn red onion, finely sliced then finely…
Side Dishes
This delicious PASTA (yes, we said pasta) dish is made with our high protein orzo – available on our online store or from our office. Enjoy this pasta dish as part of our healthy recipes! Try this real Italian recipe as served up al dente. It’s delicious with great texture…
Try this unique twist on a classic side dish! Brussel Sprout Slaw contains just the right amount of crunch to complement your main course while also being tasty enough to snack on between meals.  Prep Time: 10 minutes, Cook Time 1 hour Ingredients: 1 large bag (2 pounds) of Brussel…
Short on time? Our versatile Cheese Dip is the perfect staple to add to your Thanksgiving dinner or any other celebratory events. Used as a dip, sauce, or soup, this dish will not disappoint. Dip To use the Cheese Dip, use 1 packet with 3 oz. of water and stir.…
This is the perfect comfort food, and it allows you to stay on plan. Ingredients: 1 packet CardioMender, MD High Protein Mashed Potatoes, either Garlic or Sour Cream & Chive 1 scoop CardioMender, MD High Protein Aged Cheddar Cheese mix (use more or less to taste) – This item is…
Cottage cheese is much more than boring diet food. It can be enjoyed in many ways — on its own, with salad or on our Toast Parisien, Zero-Net-Carb Bread, or Bagels! Fresh cottage cheese with a peach for breakfast in a bowl on white wooden planks. Selective focus. Healthy eating.…
Candy on a weight loss program? You bet!! Make your own gummy candy using our CardioMender, MD flavored gelatin and enjoy! Ingredients: 1 packet CMMD High Protein Gelatin 2 packets Unflavored Gelatin 1/3 cup water Directions: Combine Gelatin packets Add water Let stand 10 minutes Microwave on high for 30…
Chia Seed Pudding is Power-Packed Chia seeds are a power-packed food high in protein, phytonutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber in the right proportions. They are a low glycemic index food. Chia is a gluten free grain. People with known sensitivity to gluten or…
Take our CMMD Toast Parisien and top it with our CardioMender, MD Garlic infused olive oil and CMMD Sicilian lemon balsamic vinegar. Or top with one of our many flavors of ultra-premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and your favorite herbs or spices, like cinnamon or Herbs de Provence. Customize it…
Short on time? Our versatile Cheese Dip is the perfect staple to add to your Thanksgiving dinner or any other celebratory events. Used as a dip, sauce, or soup, this dish will not disappoint. Dip To use the Cheese Dip, use 1 packet with 3 oz. of water and stir.…
French Onion Soup is a classic that takes a new twist here – high protein. Enjoy it on your CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists plan. Ingredients: 1 packet (1 serving) of CardioMender, MD Beef Bouillon, available in our office pantry and online store 7 oz. water Quarter-slice of toasted, zero-carb…
You can read about the benefits in our article on cucumbers, then enjoy this recipe from Doc: Ingredients: 3 large cucumbers, peeled 1 cup Chobani™ non-fat plain Greek yogurt 2 tbsp minced garlic ¼ large yellow or Vidalia onion ½ tsp MortonTMLite Salt ½ tsp pepper 3 tbsp white wine vinegar…
Ingredients 4 medium stalks celery 1 medium yellow onion 1 large green bell pepper with seeds removed 2 medium cucumbers, unpeeled 2 tsp chopped garlic 4 sprigs cilantro 2 cups chilled Swanson™ Organic Chicken Broth 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 2 tsp Tabasco™ Green Chile (jalapeño)…


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