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Getting Started on Your Weight Loss Journey

Dr. Kenneth Cohen, Pembroke Pines Pediatrician
Lost 50 Pounds and Kept it Off!
“I’m a physician…I had the information but I wasn’t putting it into action. Dr. Schiff put me on the program that made it possible for me to lose weight.”

* Results are typical, but cannot be guaranteed

What to expect on your first visit

We are not a cookie-cutter quick weight loss center. We take the time to get to know you and incorporate your goals and preferences into an individualized weight loss program.

Your initial wellness consultation

On your first visit, you will meet with our quick weight loss center medical staff who will assess your weight loss needs through an initial wellness and nutrition consultation that includes:

  • Medical evaluation with our weight loss Practitioner
  • EKG
  • Comprehensive blood work to check metabolism, kidney, liver and thyroid function, CBC, lipid profile, blood sugar measurement and more
  • Measure Biometric Indices including weight, body fat measurement, and Body Mass Index Determination
  • Blood pressure check
  • Waist circumference
  • An evaluation of your current eating patterns
  • Review personal health disclosures


During your first and subsequent visits to our quick weight loss center, we focus on health risks related to being overweight, including:

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart and liver disease
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Arthritis
  • Stroke
  • GERD

A customized quick weight loss program

At CardioMender, MD, our fast weight loss center creates a personalized program based on the results of your wellness consultation and weight loss assessment.

You receive a personalized diet and nutritional plan to help with healthy eating habits and to help you lose weight quickly and safely based on your needs, such as:

  • Activity level
  • Personal nutritional preferences (i.e. vegan/vegetarian)
  • Specific medical and health needs that affect weight loss (i.e. Diabetes Mellitus)

Our Medical Director, Cardiologist Dr. Barry Schiff, then reviews your assessment results and your customized quick weight loss plan with you, and answers any questions you have.

Want to learn more about our fast weight loss program?

Read about the two phases of our medically supervised quick weight loss program “Our Approach“.

Ready to Start Losing Weight?

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CardioMender, MD Reviews

Based on 220 reviews
Isabel Newman
Isabel Newman
March 11, 2024.
CardioMender MD is a fantastic facility. The staff is caring and respectful. There is no exception, it starts with Omar at the front desk, Sherry in the admin office and the medical staff, Yuli and Dr Schiff. Dr Schiff is knowledgable beyond his field, he is willing to listen and analyze all your lab work thoroughly. He is dedicated, knowledgable and kind. I have never been to a medical office quite like this one. Thank you for all you do.
Stephanie Lozano
Stephanie Lozano
March 4, 2024.
So happy that I decided to come here. Everyone here truly cares about your health journey and making sure you are losing weight safely. I am losing weight and most importantly I feel great. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
February 25, 2024.
I have been going to CardioMender for a while (I’ve lost 30 pounds since November), and I must say this is one of the best weight loss facilities in South Florida. Everybody from the doctors, nurses, staff, etc. are all friendly, kind, caring, and will help you meet your weight loss goals. This weight loss program is monitored by a cardiologist who makes sure that you are not only loosing weight but that you are physically healthy and your heart is healthy as well. When you start your program, they run bloodwork, EKG, and other tests, so they can find the best plan for you. Then you go in weekly to see how you’re going along with your plan. The office gives you all the essentials that you need in order to become successful on your weight loss. Also they’re available whenever you need them if you have any questions. Everybody the office is so motivating and amazing, you feel almost at home going in for your meetings. Dr. Schiff, Jannara, Moise, Shari, Omar, Mel, and Julie are amazing and there to support you on your journey.
Elle Claire
Elle Claire
February 19, 2024.
Coming to CardioMender has been the best decision I could have made. Everything I need to be successful is all here. Losing weight with their program has been easy & fun. Sherry, Julie, Moises, Omar, Dr. Schiff and the whole staff are very supportive, encouraging and caring & I look forward to going each week to see my progress. Thank You for helping me in reaching my goals.
Shauna Smith
Shauna Smith
February 14, 2024.
This program is REAL‼️‼️ it’s no joke. I have been doing this and I have lost a lot of weight!!! It’s very easy… Thanks to the amazing staff and Dr. Barry at the CardioMender. Dr. Barry is very personal. He has a complete open door policy; he NEVER rushes you. He takes his time to explain the program in details. I love it here!!!
Richard Bedgood
Richard Bedgood
February 14, 2024.
It works 100 percent get to it!!
Carolina Isusquiza
Carolina Isusquiza
December 21, 2023.
So happy I found CardioMender! The staff is incredible and extremely supportive. They’ve helped me get into the groove of a healthy weight loss plan for myself and it’s been a success so far.
katia parrilla
katia parrilla
December 7, 2023.
Is the best decision that I ever made. It really worked. Super happy with the results 🙌🏻
Lucy Abess
Lucy Abess
December 6, 2023.
Both my husband and I struggled with weight gain. We both are in the program for entirely different reasons, but we have the same goal of health. My husband, a diabetic, started this program obese, diabetic, and miserable. He has successfully followed the program for over a year and is still going strong. He no longer needs any medications to help control his blood sugar and is feeling better than ever and is 30 pounds lighter and dropping. I started the program in perimenopause, bloated, and well on my way to being obese. I can follow the same program as my husband, which makes things simple. I have lost almost 15 pounds and counting. In addition to losing weight, I have been able to lower my bad cholesterol, balance my hormones, and reduce inflammation. One final element to the Cardio Mender program is the Pantry. All the products there are vetted and clearly labeled. I can confidently shop in there for some yummy snacks and meal replacement options again with zero guess work. I have also researched the prices on many of the products at the pantry are either the same or lower. The Cardio Mender program is a source of comfort in my home. It has enabled me to eliminate all guessing in my and my family’s health journey. The staff and doctors are compassionate, thoroughly explain all elements of the program, and most importantly they show you how to live better without program. No magic, no subscriptions, no guess work.
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