Doc’s King Crab Legs

///Doc’s King Crab Legs

Doc’s King Crab Legs

An abundance of fresh herbs is the key to this delicious, quick recipe for king crab legs. And it takes only five minutes to cook.

CardioMender, MD King Crab Leg healthy diet receipe

  • Extra virgin olive oil – we used CardioMender Picual EVOO
  • Fresh herbs – use a variety. We used mint, parsley,Thai basil, dill, cilantro, sage and oregano
  • Sliced garlic cloves – one per crab leg
  • Fresh lemon
  • Red pepper flakes


    • Defrost frozen king crab legs and place on roasting pan.
    • Squeeze the fresh lemon over crab legs.
    • Roughly cut up fresh herbs and sprinkle over crab legs.
    • Sprinkle on sliced garlic.
    • Sprinkle on a few shakes of red pepper flakes to your taste.
    • Drizzle extra virgin olive oil over all, sparingly (you don’t need a lot).
    • Roast at 400 for 5 minutes.
    • After cooking, crack legs either with crackers or cover with a cloth and hit with a rubber mallet.
    • Pour some of the cooking juices over the crab legs, a drizzle of the EVOO and a squeeze of the lemon.


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