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This year, 2020, is special, not just because it’s a new decade, but also because it’s a Leap Year. Take advantage of the extra day this month to celebrate a healthier, more energetic you and Leap into Wellness! Remember, we are unable to realize optimal health and energy levels without achieving and maintaining a reduced waistline.

The biggest focus for millions around the country as the new year kicks into high gear, is how to achieve quick weight loss and amass more energy in order to tackle the challenges of our busy lives. As demand for our time increases, the state of our health, weight and energy becomes critical if we are to make the most of life’s opportunities. So, what are a few realistic ways to make the most of our health this leap year? 

Quick, realistic and sustainable ways to lose weight

Quick weight loss for many of us is now top of our mind; it’s a new year and we’re motivated to make a major change. The challenge for most of us, is sorting through our personal priorities. The noise from all the media hype, friends and family about fad workouts and diets such as the Keto or Ketogenic Diet, all end up backfiring for a myriad of reasons. Trendy quick weight loss diets, such as Keto and Ketogenic Diets, aren’t built to last. Simply put, diets don’t work for sustained, quick weight loss. Many of us will hit the gym for a month or two before reverting back to old habits. The solution employed needs to address the root cause of the problem and be achievable. There are much better ways to leap into wellness and a sustainable weight loss journey. 

  • Commit to reduce sugars and carbs: Just a few minor dietary changes, such as cutting back on sugary foods (cereals, sodas, candy) and carb loaded foods (fries, beer, pasta), can save hundreds of calories daily, curb cravings and increase our chances of making better food and snack choices. While these changes may seem minor, the domino effect of positive change is usually triggered, leading to better choices becoming a natural occurrence in our daily routine.
  • Paid workout classes: Even a basic gym membership, at a low $10/month, doesn’t guarantee you will follow through with your weight loss and fitness regimen, regardless of how strong you believe your commitment might be. Paying for higher priced classes serves as a more significant motivator since nobody willingly wastes $100+ a month. Money is a huge motivator, and if one signs a long-term contract with a class-based system, there’s a much stronger chance you’ll stick to your plan. (A reason to consider CardioMender’s Prepaid Packages.) All that said, although exercise has many health benefits, exercise alone will not lead to sustained weight loss without integrating a sustainable shift in nutrition. 
  • Weight Loss and Wellness Centers: Accountability and a strong support system is critical with any major lifestyle change. It is extremely difficult for most of us to make sustainable life changes without help from professionals who know the path to success. Finding a certified wellness and weight loss center with qualified doctors and coaches can reinforce life-changing decisions that lead to better habits, accountability, sustainability and optimal overall health. They will be able to help with options to lose weight safely, fast and in a way that will keep the pounds off.

What vitamin is especially good for energy?

There are a multitude of vitamins on the market that make claims to help with quick weight loss and to provide additional energy. Vitamin B-12 is essential to our metabolism and is often referred to as the ‘energy vitamin’. It is required for red blood cell formation, making our DNA and for optimal function of our nerves. It is frequently used as an adjunct to facilitate quick weight loss and increased energy in a multitude of weight loss programs, as well.

What causes B-12 deficiency?

  • Impaired B-12 Absorption

Since up to 30% of people who are overweight have impaired Vitamin B-12 absorption1, it is imperative to learn its causes. When overweight, many of us develop chronic gastritis (GERD), with progressive atrophic gastritis, which is associated with impairment in the ability to absorb Vitamin B-12. Medications used to treat gastritis and GERD can impair the absorption of B-12. Metformin, used to treat Type-2 Diabetes, and Bariatric surgical procedures to promote weight loss can also impair the ability to absorb Vitamin B-12. The consumption of alcoholic beverages can reduce the absorption of Vitamin B-12, as well.

  • Inadequate Dietary Vitamin B-12 Intake

Vegans can easily become Vitamin B-12 deficient, since the primary source of Vitamin B-12 is from the consumption of animal products and the body does not produce Vitamin B-12 naturally. Vegans generally require Vitamin B-12 supplementation but may obtain Vitamin B-12 through the consumption of nutritional yeast. 

Dietary Sources of Vitamin B-12

Our bodies do not produce Vitamin B-12.  Therefore, it must be obtained through our diet. The main source of Vitamin B-12 is from animal products including meat, fish, milk and eggs. 

Increasing your Vitamin-B12 levels has many potential benefits, including an increase in overall energy levels, preventing birth defects and preventing neurologic degeneration. There is evidence to support that Vitamin B-12 can help preserve brain function and possibly help with depression.

Vitamin B-12 injections are an excellent way to ensure adequate Vitamin B-12 levels are achieved, particularly since up to 30% of people who are overweight have impaired B-12 absorption1. Additionally, sublingual Vitamin B-12 may be an alternative.

Debunking Quick Weight Loss and Vitamin Myths

With the thousands of vitamins, supplements and weight loss gimmicks, such as the Keto or Ketogenic Diet, in vogue, it’s often difficult to make a confident decision based on medical evidence. The Keto or Ketogenic Diet is not sustainable and its safety has not been established. It’s always best to do quality research on credible websites and consult with a doctor or weight loss specialist to find out what works best for your unique medical history, body type, lifestyle and food preferences. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution for vitamins and weight loss, particularly since we are all different. We suggest speaking with a wellness specialist to avoid wasting time, money and potentially your health, over the long term. 

Buyer Beware

Buyer beware can do no harm!  It is important to find a trusted source of vitamins and supplements since many retailers have been shown to provide products that actually do not contain the ingredients that are indicated on the label. There are many examples of even large retailers selling fraudulent supplements and vitamins. Here is just one example discussed in a previous CardioMender, MD article entitled Herbal Supplements: Truth or Lies. We suggest when choosing a vitamin and supplement provider, select an established source that performs extensive quality assurance testing.

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