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After decades of struggling with her weight and turning to food for all the wrong reasons, Shari embraced the CardioMender way of life. All prior diets, successful and otherwise, inevitably resulted in reversing any progress made, and then some.The weight never stayed off for long. But why? Because DIETS DON’T WORK!

Why Shari Thinks “Diets Don’t Work”

“Diet” is a four-letter word, Shari says. “The common mentality, after being on a diet and reaching our goal, is that we consider ourselves ‘done’ and resort to old habits, inevitably gaining the weight back. Around here, we encourage our patients to attain the paradigm shift from the idea of being on a diet to the CardioMender program as a way of life. By incorporating the CardioMender Way into our daily routine, it will become habit and lead to long-term weight loss success.” 

Shari’s Principles for Sustained Weight Loss

Once Shari lost the weight, she developed a philosophy to live by, fueling her ability to sustain her weight loss for almost seven years after half-century of diet after diet after diet. 

Consistently Make the Best Choices

The CardioMender, MD Nutritional Plan provides us with the information we need to make the best possible choices with healthy, whole foods, such as the vegetables, fruits, lean meats and fish most conducive to weight management. Many “healthy foods” are high in sugar (albeit natural sugar), fat or carbs and not advisable when being weight conscious.  Aside from becoming healthier and stronger from consuming whole foods, Shari found that she also feels more energized and able to easily avoid those seductive comfort foods. She finds that shopping the perimeter of the grocery store helps her avoid the processed foods often found in the center aisles.

Compensate When You Choose to Deviate

There are so many pitfalls when dieting, it’s no doubt that most diets fail. Shari experienced the common consequences throughout her life when she resorted to “cheating” while on a diet: the feelings of guilt, failure and self-loathing often contributed to her throwing in the towel before achieving her goal. On the CardioMender, MD program, “We don’t cheat!” Shari says. “We may choose to deviate from time to time, and that’s ok, because we can compensate and it’s a conscious choice”. Shari explains it this way: “When I might choose to have a cocktail, I opt for vodka rather than rum and skip fruits that day. If you’re inclined to enjoy a dessert for a special occasion, increase your physical activity that week.” She stresses the importance of knowing your triggers and respecting them to avoid a slippery slope.

Recover Quickly to Sustain Results

If the CardioMender, MD nutritional program becomes your everyday way-of-life, then immediately after deviating, you simply return to your established healthy habits. Another way to look at it, Shari says, is to recognize that diets are temporary. So, let your deviation be your diet; your temporary behavior, whether it’s a night out or a week’s vacation. Then as soon as you return to your regular routine, get back to Livin’ It!

Without exception, the most significant factor for sustained weight loss is to transition to a structured maintenance plan once your weight loss goal is achieved. Regular maintenance visits enable us to remain focused and help to reinforce healthy behaviors until they become habit. CardioMender, MD’s Maintenance Programs have been tailor-made to provide on-going support and fit the individual needs and preferences of our patients. Ask us for a refrigerator magnet for just one more way to stay focused.

Free refrigerator magnet!

“When I joined CardioMender, MD’s Weight Loss, not only did the scale change but so did I. I achieved the ‘lifestyle change’ that has liberated me from the bondage of food and enabled me to live a healthier, happier, more confident life. I want, so much, for all our patients to realize the same. That’s why It’s Personal! If you’re curious to see the ‘old me,’ please ask.

Start, ReStart and ReJuvenate with CardioMender, MD’s Wellness and Weight Loss Program

Skip the fad diets and aim to succeed with CardioMender, MD’s Weight Loss Program! We can help you get on track and feeling your best. Are you ready to lose weight? Contact us today!

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