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Meet Shari Unger Klages:  Our New Director of Center Operations Knows the Meaning of a Weight Loss Challenge.

Shari: My journey makes me uniquely qualified to serve as CardioMender, MD Director of Center Operations.

weight loss challenge

Shari Klages, Director of Center Operations

Having spent all 55 years of my life struggling with my weight – as a young child embarrassed having to wear a size 6X and then blossoming into a 14 by the time I got to high school – the latest trend towards “lifestyle change” for weight loss was nothing more to me than a philosophy that could be applied to people who possess a semblance of control over their weight. Certainly not someone like me who is a compulsive overeater and turns to food for comfort and escape. Food was my drug of choice.

One year ago, I had achieved my heaviest weight ever and resigned myself to being extremely overweight (more than 100 pounds worth) for the remainder of my life, however long that may be. I didn’t particularly care about my health, was tired of the fight and threw in the towel. Although I had had some success losing substantial amounts of weight twice earlier in my life (about 60 pounds each time), I was unable to sustain the weight loss both times. Why? Because fad diets don’t work. Something actually had to change.”

Under the incessant duress of a dear friend, I caved. Not out of concern for my own well-being, but to get him off my back! He had just lost 25 pounds at the insistence of his doctor and felt great, and wanted the same for me. I fought him for months, attempting to convince him that his weight problem was child’s play compared to mine, but he was relentless.

On August 21, 2014, I embraced the program fully. I figured if I was giving in, I was going all out. I found the program remarkably easy to stick to, as it provides all the nutrition necessary so that appetite and cravings are minimized. Because the program is doctor directed, I also learned that I had hypothyroidism, which, after being treated, enhanced my weight loss.

After eight months, I lost 90 pounds. At one year, I was down 105 pounds. I went from a snug size 24 to a comfortable size 6. I shockingly have no interest in the foods I used to find comfort in, even when I’m immersed in their tantalizing aromas. My tastes have completely changed and so have I. I have achieved that elusive “lifestyle change” and can honestly say “I AM LIVING IT!”

If you ever need anything at CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists, including a listening ear, please ask for me.

By Shari Unger Klages
Director of Center Operations
CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists


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