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Labor Day weekend is near! We know you are looking forward to your day off spent with friends and family. Unfortunately, many people overindulge during the holidays, especially ones that center around cookouts, like Labor Day. If you find it hard to regain motivation and keep the pounds off when faced with temptation, read on to learn how you can celebrate and still lose weight.

Move your body

Three-day weekends are often a time to relax, but if you want to stick to your goals, you should include at least one physical activity during the holiday weekend to help you lose weight. You can go to your local gym (if open and can do so safely), play outdoor games with family members, or go for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. These simple activities are beneficial for weight loss and overall wellness.

Don’t skip meals

If you plan on going to a big cookout for Labor Day weekend, do not skip breakfast, lunch or snacks to “save” calories just to indulge at the cookout. This will result in eating more than you normally would and regretting it the next time you step on the scale. Stick to your normal eating schedule and don’t allow yourself to get too hungry throughout the day. Remember to always have a Plan A, B and C when planning your meals. 

Choose healthy foods

Hot Dogs, hamburgers, pasta salad, summer fruits, potato chips, and desserts are some of the few delicious cookout foods that may tempt you this Labor Day weekend. But who said you had to completely say no? Alternatively, choose healthy pastas, chips, snacks, desserts, etc. from the CardioMender Pantry to satisfy your cravings and still lose weight. Featured this week are:

Try this tasty and filling Chili Dog recipe at your next cookout! 


Keep your goals in mind

Whatever you do, remember your goals. Remind yourself over the weekend why you want to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. When your goals are put in place, you will have the motivation to look back on them and become one step closer to accomplishing them.

You Gotta Live It!

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