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On the Road and On Track

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How to Stay on Track During Summer Vacations

Summer is in full swing, and hot weather, beach days, and sunshine are just some of the many things that make summer the season of fun. However, summer vacation does come with its share of temptations with respect  to food choices. Staying on track with your weight loss plan doesn’t have to be jeopardized during the summer months. In fact, there are many ways you can enjoy food while also eating healthy and keeping attuned to your goals. In this article, we’ll talk about how to cut cravings and stay fit during the next few months.

First Things First: Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

In general, most people do not adequately hydrate and are in a chronic state of dehydration. This is exacerbated by the fact  that caffeine contained in many beverages, such as coffee, tea, certain energy drinks and diet sodas, have a diuretic effect. Alcohol has a similar diuretic effect; that is why alcoholic beverages are NOT included on your Acute Weight Loss Plan, though they are permitted during Maintenance. Greater exposure to higher temperatures and increased activity levels that frequently accompany summer vacations further compound the problem. The knowledge that increased water intake frequently alleviates hunger and food consumption often quells thirst, together emphasize the importance of maintaining adequate hydration, ideally with water, while avoiding caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

Tasty Food, No Payoff

Curbing cravings does not have to be an excessively difficult process. By considering your own evidence-based practices and methods, you’ll be able to know the foods you should eat and what foods will throw you off track.  While sugary and salty treats might be tasty, they can actually lead

ABCs of Eating Out

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  • Awareness- Scope out the menu online before going to a particular restaurant and develop a Plan A of what you intend to eat.
  • Be prepared- Have a Plan B (Back-up) to your Plan A for dinner. For instance, if the restaurant runs out of the fish you were going to order, request a special preparation, if necessary, of an alternative (i.e. grilled chicken breast instead of smothered chicken).

Looking for the best weight loss diet?

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What Are The Best Weight Loss Diets?

Typical weight loss diets boast of being ‘the best’ and tell you

• How much weight you’ll lose – Lose 30 pounds this month!
• How easy it will be – Eat the foods you love!
• The success you’ll have if you sign-up – Sign-Up Today and Lose Ten Pounds!

Those weight loss diets have failed YOU!

Since you’re still reading, it’s likely you haven’t gotten what you’ve been promised.  The reality is that quick fix ‘Weight Loss Diets’, including potentially dangerous weight loss gimmicks such as ‘HCG  Diets’, don’t work for sustained weight loss, if they work at all!

To lose weight for good, look at weight loss differently.

Excess weight is a symptom of more than just overeating or consuming too many calories. Counting calories or restricting food may give transient weight loss, but it doesn’t achieve sustained weight loss.

To make weight loss more difficult, certain foods, once eaten, cause us to eat more and more.  People crave certain foods and tend to go back to old patterns of food choices, following an effort at dieting, due to the addictive nature of those foods.

If you continue or revert back to eating the same types of food but less of it, you end up with the same weight issues. Quick fix weight loss diets don’t address this reality and can never deliver sustainable results. They may give short-term weight loss, but will never deliver long-term weight loss results.



Try Our Specially Formulated B-6/B-12 Injection

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Our B-6/B-12 injection is specially formulated. It contains a more metabolically active form of B-12, and unlike other less expensive B-12 injections, OURS DOES NOT contain traces of cyanide.

Many of our patients tell us that our high dose B-6/ B12 injection increases their energy levels and prevents fatigue. It is designed to support neurologic and immune system health and it is formulated to aid in our medically supervised quick weight loss program.

Vitamin B-6 is an important B vitamin involved in hormone and fluid regulation. B-6 is very useful in our patients with hormonally mediated fluid retention, and has been associated with a diuretic effect, often alleviating retained excess body fluids which contribute to bloating. B-6 has also been useful in combating fatigue and stress, in addition to supporting important metabolic functions.

Vitamin B-12 is important in maintaining normal neurological health and many people report increased energy levels with its supplementation. It also plays a role in the body’s utilization of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Vitamin B-12 supplementation is important in people who do not adequately absorb B-12 in their diets for a variety of reasons, including people who take medications that block gastric acid production or in patients with chronic gastritis. Vegetarians frequently require vitamin B-12 supplementation.

Support and Advice for Weight Loss Success in Pembroke Pines, FL

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If you live in Pembroke Pines, and follow our medically supervised weight loss program, there are many health and wellness activities & venues available in the City of Pembroke Pines to support your weight loss success!

Lose Weight through Exercise in Pembroke Pines

The City of Pembroke Pines has many affordable programs and activities you can participate in.

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