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What Are The Best Weight Loss Diets?

Typical weight loss diets boast of being ‘the best’ and tell you

• How much weight you’ll lose – Lose 30 pounds this month!
• How easy it will be – Eat the foods you love!
• The success you’ll have if you sign-up – Sign-Up Today and Lose Ten Pounds!

Those weight loss diets have failed YOU!

Since you’re still reading, it’s likely you haven’t gotten what you’ve been promised.  The reality is that quick fix ‘Weight Loss Diets’, including potentially dangerous weight loss gimmicks such as ‘HCG  Diets’, don’t work for sustained weight loss, if they work at all!

To lose weight for good, look at weight loss differently.

Excess weight is a symptom of more than just overeating or consuming too many calories. Counting calories or restricting food may give transient weight loss, but it doesn’t achieve sustained weight loss.
To make weight loss more difficult, certain foods, once eaten, cause us to eat more and more.  People crave certain foods and tend to go back to old patterns of food choices, following an effort at dieting, due to the addictive nature of those foods.
If you continue or revert back to eating the same types of food but less of it, you end up with the same weight issues. Quick fix weight loss diets don’t address this reality and can never deliver sustainable results. They may give short-term weight loss, but will never deliver long-term weight loss results.

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