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  • Awareness- Scope out the menu online before going to a particular restaurant and develop a Plan A of what you intend to eat.
  • Be prepared- Have a Plan B (Back-up) to your Plan A for dinner. For instance, if the restaurant runs out of the fish you were going to order, request a special preparation, if necessary, of an alternative (i.e. grilled chicken breast instead of smothered chicken).

  • Certainty: If Plans A and B fall through, institute Plan C (Contingency) with a Chocolate or Vanilla Meal Replacement Shaker and choose a side of salad and/or vegetables.
  • Drink lots of water and non-caffeinated beverages throughout the day and during your night out.
  • Eat normally during the day, including every 3 to 4 hours. Avoid eating less during the day in anticipation of eating out. Tip: Have a CardioMender, MD Anytime Protein Drink or protein bar 30-60 minutes prior to going out to eat.
  • Fresh Choices: Choose fresh whole foods over processed and choose fresh fruits that are on plan for dessert.
  • Give up: Alcoholic beverages, Bread, Pasta, Potatoes, Rice, Processed Refined Foods, Fried foods, Fatty Foods, Rich Sauces, unknown and “low-fat salad dressings” while you are trying to lose weight.
  • Have fun. You deserve it! Go easy on yourself: Remember you have come prepared and have done what you can to optimize success on your special day. If it doesn’t go as planned, get right back on track tomorrow!

Remember, You’ve Got to Live It! TM

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