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Great Weight Loss Tips to Keep You on Track for the Super Bowl

Stay on your weight loss and nutritional plan before, during and after the big game!
Remember – to lose the weight – YOU’VE GOT TO LIVE IT!

• Doc’s Cauliflower Crust Pizza
• Peel and eat shrimp with a cocktail sauce
• Raw veggies: cucumbers (remember they are unlimited), celery, red, yellow and green peppers dipped in a fat-free dressing. (See the results of our 2 salad dressing taste tests -First- -Second- or dip in our Roasted Veggie Dip. View More recipes here!


• Doc’s Rosemary Cheese Chips
• Doc’s Green Bean Crisps are a great substitute for the standard green bean casserole.
• Stock up on some of the snacks we offer at our center. Choose from Chocolate Puffs, Chili Lime Puffs, BBQ Soy Nuts, Chili Savory Puffs and Onion & Garlic Soy Nuts. These high protein snacks are currently 10% off the regular price, for a limited time.

• Doc’s Cucumber Salad is a light, tasty salad everyone will love.
Main Course:

• Doc’s Ahi Tuna with Spinach – slice up some steaks and serve with wasabi
• Doc’s Arroz con Pollo (Doc’s Chicken with Rice)

• Fresh fruit is always a good choice. Try one of these:
o Simply Fresh Berries with Walden Farm’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Sauce
o Sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon and Splenda
o Any fruit garnished with fresh mint
• Doc’s Grilled Peaches – YUM!
• For a “fancier” dessert you can serve Doc’s Strawberry Cheesecake – a sure winner!


Lose Weight. Change Your Diet and Eating Habits.

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