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How to maintain weight loss at Holiday dinner
Well, it’s that time of year again. Some people might think that trying to lose weight at this time of the year is impossible. Thankfully, there are some common sense tips to remember:

  • Eat 3 meals a day and never skip breakfast and snack in between, because if you skip meals and then attend a holiday party, you’ll be much more likely to overdo it on calories
  • If you attend a party, go for the vegetables and chose lean meats and fish without the rich sauses; avoid anything fried even fried veggies. Fried foods and most sauces are loaded hidden calories.
  • Drink one glass of water for every one alcoholic drink
  • Take only half as much food as you think you’ll be able to eat.
  • You’ve got to live it! ™

If you have any questions about weight loss, click here.

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