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How Are You Planning to Stay on the Weight Loss Wagon This Holiday Season?

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It’s easy to fall off the weight loss wagon, and this time of year is particularly challenging.

The kick-off is Thanksgiving, then all the parties and activities going into December consume much of our spare time.
We top it all off with our New Year’s Celebration, then come our New Year’s Resolutions!
A few steps can make all the difference in maintaining your weight loss!
Prevent Hunger! Snack every 3 to 4 hours and drink more water so when you encounter ‘irresistible treats’ you don’t eat them in place of a meal.
Plan Ahead! It takes a few minutes to anticipate circumstances that, if considered and planned for, set up continued weight loss success.
Treat Yourself!  If you want something special, try our delicious new snacks OR one of our program-friendly recipes at and remain on your weight loss plan!
Go Easy on Yourself!  No one is perfect and it is critical to accept that we all might make less than optimal choices, from time to time.
If you fall off your weight loss plan, get back on with the next meal!
Happy Holidays to You and Your Family!

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