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Doc’s Tofu Stir Fry


Quantities given are what I used for dinner for 3; you can vary them to your own taste and how many portions you want to make. This is a great dish for left-overs.

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Fresh garlic, 2 large cloves, minced
  • Onions, 2 cut up
  • Eggplant (I used 4 Chinese eggplant from my garden), cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Red, green and yellow bell peppers, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Mushrooms – any type, 1 cup, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Tofu, 1 brick, cut into bite-sized pieces (I use organic, firm)
  • Bok choy, including top greens, 1 medium, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Any vegetable on your allowed list that you want to add, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Fresh herbs such as basil (I used sweet, lemon and Thai basil), parsley, oregano, chives, rosemary, thyme, all cut up together, for a total of about a half cup.
  • Seasonings, including salt, black pepper, red pepper and soy sauce


  • Heat oil in large frying pan or wok.
  • Sauté garlic until just starting to brown.
  • Add onions and continue cooking until soft.
  • Add some of the fresh herbs now, and save some for later.
  • At this point, add the vegetables in the order of how long they will take to cook. For the above vegetables, I’d add the eggplant and then cover for a few minutes as I like them more well done. Then add the peppers, mushrooms and tofu. Next I’d add the bok choy bottom part, and lastly the top greens.
  • Add the remaining fresh herbs, and season with the salt, pepper and red pepper flakes to taste. Soy sauce is optional, again to your taste.


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