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Most of us interrupted our normal routines preparing for a possible strike by Hurricane Matthew – stocking up on canned, prepackaged, non-perishable foods and water, while protecting our families and homes. Fortunately, we here in South Florida were spared. But what did happen?

What happened after the hurricane

Unfortunately, events like this illustrate how easy it is for us to fall off plan as we attempt to get back to our daily routines. Typically, each of us has competing priorities, but after preparing for the possibility of a direct hit, we had even more on our plates. As we attempt to get back to normalcy with all the ready-to-eat foods and snacks around, it’s easy to grab something we wouldn’t ordinarily eat. Whether we chose something salty and crunchy like chips or something convenient like a can of ready-made pasta or a bologna sandwich, once we began it was hard to stop.

It’s hard to get back to our normal routines after stocking up for a hurricane

This speaks to the addictive nature of these choices in that they usher in gradual loss of self-control and weight gain. As we gain, it’s progressively harder to get back on track. Being overweight and having a sedentary lifestyle is the number one preventable cause of death in our country. Having awareness of this, each of us might strongly consider making different choices. Nothing should be more important than our health and the heavier we get the greater the health risks and the more difficult it is to reverse the process.

Many of us take good health for granted, leveraging our well-being for a variety of less important priorities. Let’s learn from our past experiences and make our welfare our most important priority.

Getting back to normal routines, the best time is NOW

If you have not been on plan recently, start now and come in to see us this week. If it has been a while since you’ve been in, call us today. Don’t wait until after the New Year. Our experience has demonstrated that patients who are on plan through the holiday season have the highest likelihood for sustained weight loss.

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