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Set your Health and Happiness New Year’s Resolution up for success with the CardioMender, MD team. Let your weight loss goals lead to a healthier lifestyle and an overall happier life!

Healthy Resolutions look different for everyone. The most important thing to remember is that long-term results are made with small, consistent steps. It’s the little things that make a huge difference! You’ll be shocked how quickly your health goal will manifest itself into a happy life.

Resolution 1: Keep Up Motivation

The hardest part about maintaining a healthy lifestyle is holding onto the motivation to stay focused on what really matters (i.e. our health . Choose to socialize with people that help you feel good about yourself and who support your choices and can be a sounding board when you need advice or support.

At home, create an environment that encourages you to live your best life. Place a motivational calendar next to your bed so you have something new to appreciate every morning. Try putting notes on your mirror that remind you of your worth and motivate you to keep moving forward. 

Resolution 2: Plan Meals and Snacks

Make 2021 the year that you never get caught without a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C for your meals and snacks. One of the main reasons why we veer away from healthy food choices is the lack of time. If you get caught in a longer-than-expected meeting, it’s easy to choose something fast and accessible for lunch, but that usually means making an unhealthy choice.

This year, choose to plan your meals and snacks in advance, even going so far as to have a  backup plan AND a failsafe, for when it becomes necessary. Making these small, healthier choices every day will snowball into a lasting, positive effect for your entire well being!

Resolution 3: Drink More Water

Our bodies are made of water, so it’s important that you replenish the fluids lost to sweating, exercising and going about your daily life. Drinking water is essential for cushioning joints and protecting your spinal cord, and promotes good organ health by flushing toxins out of your body — nature’s original detox drink! 

Studies show that drinking more water can help with weight loss, especially in adults who are already making healthy lifestyle changes, such as eating better and exercising. If you have a hard time drinking enough water throughout the day, try infusing it with fruits such as lemons, limes, and berries. You can also add mint leaves or other herbs to taste. 

Resolution 4: Include Strength Training

Weight exercises are often overlooked when it comes to weight loss. While cardio is essential, strength training has its own benefits. Building lean muscle mass means your body will naturally burn more calories throughout the day, regardless of what you’re doing. Adding strength training to your exercise routine significantly helps with weight loss, especially if you already do some form of cardio.

Strength training doesn’t necessarily have to involve weights — body weight exercises are also incredibly effective. If you’re lifting weights, focus on the big muscle groups, which are thighs, abdomen, chest, and arms, as these muscles burn the most energy throughout the day. Body weight exercises can target a specific muscle group, but the beauty of them is that they also work your entire body, whether or not you realize it. You might even meet up with a friend who you can exercise with! Whatever you enjoy doing in your free time to stay active — whether it’s biking, rollerblading, running, walking — is simply more fun with a friend. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to allow yourself time for joy. After a long day, give yourself an hour or more to just do whatever it is you want to do. This is good for your mental health, which not only controls motivation but also plays a huge role in weight loss. Finally, never forget to ask for help when you need it.

Following a healthy lifestyle undoubtedly leads to a higher quality of life and a more positive mindset. Remember, You’ve Gotta Live It! 

At CardioMender, MD, we are here to support you throughout your journey. Your health and wellness mean everything to us. Find a solution to achieve a healthier lifestyle today!

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