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Whether you are planning to go to a college graduation party or simply celebrating a birthday, staying on track with food at times can seem impossible, if not frightening. With finger food galore, burgers, and decadent, chocolatey desserts on the table in front of you, it can be challenging to resist, especially when you’re hungry to begin with.

Fortunately, you can still make optimal choices to stay on plan by getting the knowledge you need and planning ahead so you can be ready for summertime activities, such as the beach, vacations, backyard BBQs, and more. With CardioMender, MD’s Pantry, you can still be a part of the celebration.

Entrees and Breads

Hot dog or hamburger buns, wraps and crackers are the most popular items you’re likely to find at a summertime celebratory event that involves food. While eating carbohydrates in moderation may be good for your body, providing you the fuel you need to perform daily activities, eating high glycemic carbs, or too many of them, can cause weight gain. When we consume more carbs than we burn for energy, our body ends up storing the extra carbs as fat. 

The CardioMender, MD Pantry has you covered! Some celebratory food favorites include:

Snacks and Desserts

It’s easy to indulge in snacks and appetizers that are within easy reach at the table while waiting for your main dish. However, this is where most people find themselves mindlessly munching on chips and other snacks, which can add up in calories. 

CardioMender, MD’s Pantry has all the high protein snacks and desserts you can imagine. Here are some favorites:


Cocktails and other alcoholic beverages are often provided at celebratory events. Many people tend to forget how many calories they consume just from their drinks. Those fruity cocktails and even beer contain simple sugars, making them taste delicious. However, these drinks are filled with hundreds of calories per drink. These extra calories end up stored as fat in the body and can quickly lead to weight gain.

If you want to stay on plan and still be a part of the celebration, enjoy CardioMender, MD’s High Protein Non-Alcoholic Cocktails!

There are ways you can crush your goals and still enjoy celebratory events with CardioMender, MD’s Pantry. Start shopping now so you will have your on-plan food in time for your next event! You’ve Got to Live it!

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