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Once we understand the Plot and Scene, the stage is set. We get to write the screenplay of how our lives play out and, to a great extent, the quality and duration.

Question: If you want to win, are you prepared to do whatever it takes?

Answer: First Things First – Competing Priorities

Our world is filled with competing priorities. If you truly believe that you’re worth it, then you need to put yourself first. To do so, you must be mentally committed to do whatever it takes to win. How can we take care of so many other people (i.e. children, spouse, relatives and friends, our job and homes) before ensuring our own health and happiness? Ultimately, how can we help others if we become ill or incapacitated? Then, who is going to take care of us? We have to be aware of the consequences of not taking care of ourselves and become the Producer and Director of our lives to achieve the results we say we truly want.

The evidence is clear, the consequences of being overweight is the single biggest cause of death in our country today. It is associated with an increasing rate of the three biggest killers: cardiovascular disease, cancer, Type-2 Diabetes and a potpourri of inflammatory conditions, all of which are epidemic in the USA. It is now known, as our weight increases, so do the risks for negative outcomes from a Covid-19 infection. When we take care of ourselves, we can take care of all the rest. 

Once we make the decision that it’s worth the investment of our time and effort, the solution must address the root cause of why we get cravings and overeat. Simply put, the primary root cause is the physiologic effect from the food we eat. If we are not happy with the status quo, we must have a paradigm shift to avoid simply a transient win. Without sustaining optimal weight, health and happiness, living in true balance becomes elusive.

Since we are all different and have personal preferences, it’s important to realize that what works for one does not work for all, but the underlying principles remain similar. It is critical to get a handle on cravings or they will get the best of us when our defenses are down. It is also important to differentiate managing cravings during the acute weight loss phase, followed by an eventual fundamental lifestyle change, at which point cravings are reduced as we become better equipped to control them. CardioMender’s Pembroke Pines Pantry has many delicious, healthy alternatives to help you overcome cravings.

Remember, human physiologic changes occur with excess body fat and decreased lean body mass, but more normal physiology can be restored by achieving ideal weight. Therefore, we have found that the acute weight loss phase must be highly structured and nonjudgmental and not include frequent ‘planned deviations’. Some form of increased physical activity is preferred, but without fundamental shifts in nutrition, weight gain is inevitable. Once an ideal weight has been achieved, a maintenance plan or transformation into a new way of living is critical. Maintenance is reliant on the understanding of how to balance a variety of foods once normal physiology has been achieved.

In order to realize optimal results in the acute weight and maintenance phases, there needs to be continuous support and follow-up. Initially this should be at least weekly. Ultimately, on maintenance over time, as sustained balance has been achieved, maintenance support can be reduced. Connectivity is critical for sustained results!

Next, Part 4: Cravings: The Solution. The Devil is in the Details.

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