--> A Special Message from Dr. Schiff | CardioMender, MD
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Thank you for believing…

  • that YOU deserve better and for making the investment in your health and happiness.
  • that there are NO magic bullets to achieve sustained weight loss


​Thank you for believing…

  • that caloric restriction does not lead to sustained weight loss NOR does aggressive exercise without making nutritional shifts.
  • that you can only have sustained weight loss if YOU address the root causes of why you tend to ingest more calories than you need

Thank you for believing…

  • and appreciating that with sustained weight loss YOU not only look better but there is an improvement in your overall health, well-being and personal confidence!
  • In our philosophy and embracing and implementing those changes that have contributed to YOUR successes.

Thank you for your patience and for understanding that it may take a little extra time to design a sustainable solution for YOU.
​Thank you for all of your suggestions that have helped us improve so that we can better assist YOU with achieving your healthy weight goals.
Most importantly, thank you for believing YOU CAN DO IT and for believing and trusting in CardioMender,MD Weight Loss Specialists by allowing us to assist YOU on your personal wellness journey.
Our personal wish for 2018 is for YOU TO CONTINUE TO MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY, not only for your benefit but also for those you care about, so that you can have the life of Excellent Health and Happiness you so deserve.

You’ve Got to Live It!

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