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Doc’s Healthy Snack – Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Toast Parisien

Take our CMMD Toast Parisien and top it with our CardioMender, MD Garlic infused olive oil and CMMD Sicilian lemon balsamic vinegar. Or top with one of our many flavors of ultra-premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and your favorite herbs or spices, like cinnamon or Herbs de Provence.

Customize it to be Just as YOU Like it With one of our Many Flavors!

More and more data show that ultra-premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil has many health benefits. It is so easy to add some to your meals and snacks. Not just for salad, our EVOOs and infused and fused ultra-premium olive oils can be drizzled in your soup or over your veggies, roasted with, sauteed with and even drunk straight from a glass.

Stop in our office and try our many flavors of ultra-premium olive oils and high quality balsamic vinegars.

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