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The path to fitness is full of common misconceptions
Here are some common phrases said by people who are dieting:

  • “If I exercise enough, I can eat what I want.” On average, one hour of walking burns 250 calories but an ice cream sundae can have double that. I guarantee the sundae will be eaten a lot faster that it will take to burn it off on the treadmill
  • “I don’t drink soda.” Empty calories are still empty calories, whether they come from soda or other beverages such as tea or fruit juices
  • “I eat organic chips which are healthier.” Unfortunately, organic chips, cookies, etc. are still chips, cookies, etc. are no less fattening.
  • “I choose low fat or fat free snacks” Truth is they are usually processed refined carbs which make you even hungrier in no time.
  • You’ve got to live it! ™

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