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Now that Spring is officially here, the countdown to your favorite spring holidays begins! But that doesn’t need to cause concern if you are trying to lose weight. Whether you are celebrating Easter and Passover with friends out or enjoying a backyard get-together with family, you can still be present and have a good time while reaching for or maintaining your weight loss goals.

At CardioMender, MD, we have had many patients who think, in order to enjoy their vacation or holiday, they had to eat off plan; in fact, many fantasized about eating off plan.

Dr. Schiff shares this story about a patient who came to CardioMender, MD two weeks prior to going on a Mediterranean Cruise.

“She informed me that her plan was to begin our program when she returned. I suggested that she begin immediately, stating that most people gain 7-10 pounds on a one-week cruise, which was about what she would be expected to lose if she began our program immediately. My reasoning being, if she started two weeks prior to her cruise, even if she didn’t follow our plan on vacation, she would, in all likelihood, return without any net weight gain. She agreed. When she returned from her 10-day cruise, she went directly from the airport to our office and asked to be seen. She weighed in and had lost an additional 17 pounds and stated she had a wonderful time, ate on plan and felt fabulous! She had enormous self-pride and confidence, and had a newfound belief that if she could lose weight on a cruise, she could finally lose weight and keep it off for good.”

Stay Accountable

When the spring holidays come around, it can be easy to throw your goals to the side for a few days because you think that will allow you to truly enjoy your time off. However, you can still celebrate and have fun while sticking to your weight loss plan. 

To do this, you must stay accountable and avoid making excuses. You can stay accountable by bringing your own snacks and food or even going for a walk in the morning before your big plans for the day. Remember one of our key strategies – having a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. 

Say “No” to Liquid Calories

It can be easy to order bottomless mimosas or a fruity daiquiri while on vacation. However, these liquid calories end up stored as fat in the body and can quickly lead to weight gain. Drinking alcohol may also cause you to lose your inhibitions around food, which may result in overeating. 

If you want to stay on plan, instead of an alcoholic beverage, consider enjoying a refreshing drink on a hot day like Doc’s Blueberry Passion Cooler!

Prep Your Meals or Scope Out the Menu Ahead of Time

Meal prepping is great for a lot of reasons, especially when it comes to staying on track. With meal prepping, you can keep tabs on exactly what you’re eating, which makes staying on plan much easier. If you are going out, scope out the menu ahead of time and know your options before you arrive. Coming prepared will allow you to enjoy the company of your friends and family without regretting the food you ate. 

Being on a weight loss plan doesn’t mean you have to eat plain, boring foods while celebrating a holiday or on vacation. Try out CardioMender, MD’s healthy recipes that will help you stay on track!

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential when you are spending hours outside, especially in hot and humid weather, as we tend to lose a lot of our body fluids through sweat. But staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water is not only good for this reason. 

Drinking water will help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism, cleansing your body of toxins and waste and acting as a natural appetite suppressant. 

We Can Help You on Your Weight Loss Journey!

Losing weight shouldn’t feel like a punishment, especially when the holidays are around. At CardioMender, MD, we can help you celebrate the spring holidays and still lose weight!

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