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The world is changing and so must we all. To meet the changing needs of our patients and our community, CardioMender, MD now offers the following:

  • Remote ReStart Program for our established patients. (See DETAILS below.)
  • Curbside Service
  • At-Home Vitamin B12 Lipotropic Injections** or Capsules
  • Online sales of foods and supplements, shipped to you or picked up curbside
  • Telemedicine visits and support

To introduce our Telemedicine ReStart Solution, we are now offering the following 4-Week Remote ReStart Package Special:

4-Week Remote ReStart Package Special*


• Comprehensive Telemedicine Encounter – Call our office at 954.628.3802 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Barry Schiff (or on-site, if you prefer).

• 3 Telemedicine Follow-up Encounters (or on-site, if preferred). 

• 4-Weeks Appetite Suppressants*

• 4-Weeks At-Home B12/Lipotropic Therapy. YOUR CHOICE, oral or injection, shipped directly to you!  

Oral Capsule: One capsule has the same amounts of B12 and MIC as 1 CardioMender, MD Mega B12 Double MIC Injection.

Self-Administered Injection**: One single dose of this injection has the same amounts of B12 and MIC as 1 CardioMender, MD Mega B12 Double MIC Injection, PLUS Vitamin B1.

• Curbside Pick-up. Call us at 954.628.3802.

*If you are requesting an FDA approved appetite suppressant, you must have been seen as a patient of CardioMender, MD within the last year and have, or be able to provide, an EKG and Comprehensive Blood Work dated within the last year. The prescribing and dispensing of an FDA approved appetite suppressant must be approved by a CMMD Practitioner and must be picked-up curbside, in person. We are happy to review your clinical records prior to your purchase. Please contact our office at 954.628.3802.

** By purchasing this product, you certify that you know how to self-administer an intramuscular injection or you will participate in a Free Telemedicine Training Session with Dr. Schiff, prior to use.

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