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Previous studies have suggested that “both Mediterranean and Vegan Diets improve body weight and cardiometabolic risk factors.” Until recently, the relative efficacy and health benefits of comparing a Vegan Diet to the Mediterranean Diet were unknown.

A recently published study reveals the relative benefits of these two diets when compared in a randomized head-to-head clinical trial. Caloric intake or quantity of food was NOT restricted, but the participants could only eat foods allowed on their respective plan. The clinical study found the following over a 16-week period:

  • Participants on the Vegan Diet lost on average 13 pounds; those on the Mediterranean Diet had NO significant weight loss.
  • Participants lost more fat mass on the Vegan Diet. 
  • Vegan Diet participants saw a greater reduction in abdominal (visceral) fat.
  • Vegan Diet participants had improvement in insulin sensitivity and decreased insulin resistance. NO improvement in insulin functionality was seen on a Mediterranean Diet.
  • The Vegan Diet decreased total cholesterol, but it was not reduced on the Mediterranean Diet. The Vegan Diet also decreased LDL (bad) cholesterol more significantly in comparison to the Mediterranean Diet. 
  • Blood pressure reduction was reduced on both diets, but the reduction was more pronounced on the Mediterranean Diet than those on a Vegan Diet.

Thus in 2021, a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet has been identified as the healthiest diet, or should I say lifestyle, on the planet.  However, most people won’t give up eating meat, fowl, seafood, eggs or dairy, and therefore are unable to reap the health and weight loss benefits realized by choosing a Vegan Plant-Based lifestyle. 

What’s the next best choice? The above study does show that the Mediterranean Diet does provide some health benefits, but it does not lead to weight loss.

CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Diet and Wellness Program

Since most people do not want to adopt a Vegan or Whole Food Plant-Based Diet, CardioMender, MD Weight Loss and Wellness Program represents an appealing alternative. It is an amalgamation of fifteen years of evidenced and experienced-based weight loss solutions that can lead to sustained weight loss, optimal health and vitality.

CardioMender, MD incorporates the best of the best. In life, one size does not fit all. CardioMender, MD is a low glycemic, low-fat, anti-inflammatory weight loss transformative solution that ultimately evolves into an individualized, achievable and sustainable lifestyle. In the beginning, our program may feel similar to other diets but in a short period of time, usually weeks, and in some cases days, our patients feel noticeably different. Cravings melt away as the metabolic changes begin to occur. 

At CardioMender, MD, we consistently demonstrate improvements in a variety of clinical labs, including Total and LDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides and HbA1C (an indicator of insulin function).  We also measure other biometric indices, as well as improvement in weight, BMI, body fat and waist measurement, which is an indirect measurement of diminishing undesirable visceral fat. 

Knowledge is Power

We focus on educating our patients about foods and how various foods impact cravings. Ultimately, our body dynamically changes based on the types of food we eat, when we eat, our genetic makeup, total body fat, and our mood and stress levels. 

To be successful, we provide support and individual counseling and recognize that our food suggestions need to look appealing and taste good to a variety of palates, including those who want vegetarian or vegan alternatives.

CardioMender, MD’s Original Recipes

CardioMender, MD also provides original recipes online and delicious quick-fix foods and snacks in our Pantry to help our patients in a variety of situations achieve and maintain individual goals. It is part of the mission to help each patient realize a fundamental change of mindset to achieve metabolic and behavioral balance and, in turn, a healthy weight and improved health and vitality. 

To ensure that these shifts persist, we offer maintenance programs intended to help our patients deal with life’s challenges and an expanding array of food choices yet continue living in balance. If you are not getting the support that you need, please ask for it. If you don’t get what you need, please email or call me directly. Without a sustainable change in mindset and lifestyle, results are fleeting; Bottom line: You’ve Got to Live It!

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