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A diet program can be complemented by some good habits

Here are some simple things you can do to lose weight:

  • Snack in between meals and satisfy your craving with something healthy
  • Make each meal something you sit down to eat and turn off the TV and the smartphone
  • Weigh yourself every day – if your weight increases after several days, reassess what you have different and make a shift in how you make future choices
  • If you’re craving a certain food, drink a glass of water and call someone and ask how their day is going – research shows that cravings usually last only five minutes and thirst may be confused by the brain as hunger. Increased water intake limits hunger.
  • Seek outside support and help, both understanding of how certain foods you crave actually make you hungrier and behavioral support are critical for sustained weight loss.
  • You’ve got to live it! ™

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