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Weight Gain & Aging

As we get older, we assume more responsibilities, both to our career and/or family. Less time is available, personal needs de-emphasized and we shortchange ourselves.

Over 75% of us exercise inadequately

Because of increasing time pressures, we rely of the food industry to provide us a ready source of sustenance.  We eat what is convenient, not knowing the ingredients of our ‘food’.

Because the food industry super-sizes portions with inexpensive, empty calorie ingredients (refined carbohydrates, i.e. rice, bread and potatoes) which are often high in salt, we set up in a vicious cycle of  hunger, progressive weight gain, decreasing energy and increased risk of heart disease, stroke and many forms of cancer.

Over 75% of Americans do not eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day

More than 70% of Americans are overweight and a third are obese.

At CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists we employ a physician supervised weight loss program that implements a true and lasting solution for sustained weight loss.

How Maxine from Miramar, Florida found weight loss success

Maxine, from Miramar, Florida, is one of many patients whom CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specials has helped through our medically supervised weight loss program.

Because of her career demands, Maxine from Miramar often skipped meals and became ‘starved’ before thinking about what she was going to eat. She ate what was convenient and tasted good- paying little attention to what would be truly satisfying, let alone healthy.

At CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists we empower our patients with knowledge about food and how certain foods have an addictive like control over us. We emphasis the importance of meal planning and we help each of our patients implement a strategy to do so in the context of their busy lives.

Diets don’t create sustained weight loss

With Maxine from Miramar, as with each of our patients, we put together a medically supervised nutritional plan to facilitate sustained weight loss but NOT a diet. This is critical prevent falling back on prior habits that lead to regaining the weight.  We focus on nutrition as the key to sustained weight loss.

As with Maxine from Miramar, once the desired weight loss has been achieved, our patients naturally become more physically active.

Call us and start losing weight today – in Miramar or anywhere in South Florida!


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