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The spice associated with CMMD Curcumin Cognitive Max has been shown to provide more potential health benefits than any other nutritional supplement!

‘Why we decided to carry CardioMender, MD Nutraceuticals’ Curcumin Cognitive Max, a unique formula containing two trademarked ingredients designed to maximize the absorption and bioavailability of our curcumin blend, and maintain and support optimal cognitive function and overall health.’*

Turmeric is a yellow-orange spice used for thousands of years in Indian and Asian cooking. There have probably been more studies showing the health benefits from turmeric than from any other nutritional supplement. It has been demonstrated to have many medicinal benefits with proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-mutagenic properties and has also demonstrated the ability to provide cardiovascular and hepatic protection. The active components are curcuminoids, of which the primary one is curcumin, shown to have the following therapeutic benefits and medicinal properties:

  • Powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants protect us against free radical or oxidative damage and help prevent wear and tear on our body’s cells. Also, they help to preserve overall youthfulness and optimal health.
  • Effects on brain function. Curcumin has been linked to improved brain function and may lower the risk of other degenerative brain diseases. It has also been shown to increase Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which increases the growth of new brain cells and fights pro-inflammatory brain degeneration. Studies have shown that curcumin aids in the reduction of amyloid plaques that have been demonstrated to increase in certain degenerative neurologic brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. There is also some evidence of improvement in depression, possibly due to increased BNDF.
  • Cardiovascular protection. These protective benefits are thought to be due to improved cardiovascular function together with reduced inflammation and oxidative stress of the blood vessel lining. Some studies support that curcumin may also reduce overall cholesterol, triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL).
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory benefit. Curcumin may also lower histamine levels and decrease cortisol production and is believed to reduce the production of inflammatory mediators (inflammatory Prostaglandins). Inflammation may be protective initially, but chronic inflammation is believed to play a role in many illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis and autoimmune diseases. A Western diet is believed to be pro-inflammatory because of the trans-fats and Omega 6s routinely found in processed and manufactured foods.
  • Analgesic. Curcumin has been shown to help relieve certain types of pain.
  • Antiseptic. Studies have shown that curcumin may inhibit the growth of certain bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses.
  • Hepato-biliary health benefits. Curcumin is also believed to help detoxify the liver and protect it from certain toxins including acetaminophen overdose and aflatoxins and may also help with gallstone disease.
  • Antimutagenic benefits. Curcumin may prevent the formation of and slow the spread and growth of some types of cancer. It may enhance the effectiveness of traditional forms of cancer therapy such as certain chemotherapies and radiotherapies.
  • Antiplatelet action. Curcumin helps prevent platelet clumping and may afford additional cardio-protective benefit.
  • Optimizes GI health. Curcumin may promote healing from gastric ulcers and improve biliary function.
  • Oral health benefits. Curcumin may be useful in periodontal disease and fighting gingival plaque.

Curcumin is considered safe. It may, however, cause GI irritation, possible skin reactions and side effects due to reduced blood clotting possibly due to antiplatelet effects and therefore should be discontinued prior to elective surgery. It should be used under the direct supervision of your healthcare professional when taken with other nutritional supplements as well as certain prescribed medications.

The challenge is getting enough and delivering it to the right organs. Since curcumin only makes up 0.3 to 5.4% of turmeric by weight, it is not well absorbed. Additionally, the liver tends to rapidly remove it from our body. Eating curcumin or turmeric with pepper and with a fatty meal may improve its absorption. Many believe, however, that in order to get the beneficial effects achieved in research studies, it is necessary to take a supplement with curcumin extract.

The CardioMender, MD Solution:
Curcumin Cognitive Max:
Curcumin Cognitive Max web
CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists’ unique formula contains two trademarked ingredients designed to maximize the absorption and bioavailability of our curcumin, and maintain and support optimal cognitive function and overall health.*

For detailed information about CardioMender, MD Nutraceuticals’ Curcumin Cognitive Max, click here.

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