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Tom D. Lost 58 LBS – Weight Loss Results Pembroke Pines

I was growing older and larger but not gracefully. My family was consistently offering to help me with any kind of exercise program. That should have been my clue. My wife said she was worried about my health. Another clue! I was on cholesterol and blood pressure medicine, yet when I looked in the mirror I didn’t think I looked that bad. Denial can be a pretty strong thing. Then I saw the pictures from a cruise. I did look that bad and was embarrassed.

When my wife asked me if, as a team, I would be interested in the program at CardioMender Weight Loss, I agreed to go. I really wasn’t expecting great results since I had tried all the other well known weight loss programs with limited success and fleeting results.

CardioMender was different. The entire package was there. It’s not a starvation plan or special foods by mail plan. It is a lifestyle change with full support. You buy your food from the supermarket. Results are quick and we’ve had no problem maintaining our weight loss. My cholesterol dropped 60 points. My blood pressure plummeted and stabilized. I was able to discontinue all of my medications. Since I went down 6 pants sizes, I got to donate my wardrobe and buy a new one. My wife had equal results and she looks phenomenal. Loads of thanks go to the CardioMender staff for their help and continued support.

CardioMender’s approach to weight loss can help you lose weight fast! Contact us today!

*Results are typical, but cannot be guaranteed.

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