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Things people say when dieting

The path to fitness is full of common misconceptions
Here are some common phrases said by people who are dieting:

  • “If I exercise enough, I can eat what I want.” On average, one hour of walking burns 250 calories but an ice cream sundae can have double that. I guarantee the sundae will be eaten a lot faster that it will take to burn it off on the treadmill
  • “I don’t drink soda.” Empty calories are still empty calories, whether they come from soda or other beverages such as tea or fruit juices
  • “I eat organic chips which are healthier.” Unfortunately, organic chips, cookies, etc. are still chips, cookies, etc. are no less fattening.
  • “I choose low fat or fat free snacks” Truth is they are usually processed refined carbs which make you even hungrier in no time.
  • You’ve got to live it! ™
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Weight Loss During the Holidays in South Florida

How Are You Planning to Stay on the Weight Loss Wagon This Holiday Season?

Get the conversation started! Share your plan, tips and advice with our CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Community on Facebook!
It’s easy to fall off the weight loss wagon, and this time of year is particularly challenging.

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Why do I never lose weight when I diet?

There’s a science to weight loss and the struggle to diet
Here is the latest thinking behind the science of weight loss:

  • There’s a genetic component (in other words, there is a “fat gene”)
  • Some people just have more fat cells
  • Your metabolism can change making it harder to lose weight once you gain weight
  • Stress can cause you to crave carb-rich snack foods
  • Not enough sleep (sleep deprivation triggers a decrease in leptin which helps us feel full and an increase in ghrelin which makes us feel hungry)
  • Your spouse’s weight matters (if one spouse is obese, the other is 37% likely to become obese, too)
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Excited to be featured in South Broward Focus!

Weight Loss Open House featured in South Broward Focus

CardioMender, MD was featured in the latest issue of South Broward Focus. The article gives readers a preview of our Open House, which will be this Saturday, October 6th, from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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