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Maxine T.Lost 40 LBS – Successful Weight Loss Miramar, FL

The older I got, the more weight I gained. I tried losing the weight but was unsuccessful. I’m a television talk show host and the camera puts on 10 lbs, which didn’t help my self-esteem.

I met Dr. Schiff, who taught me how to be healthy and lose weight, hopefully preventing diabetes and a heart attack. I started his weight loss program and in three months I lost 40 lbs! I look and feel like a new person, and I have more energy than a 15 year old. With no more back pain, I feel fantastic, like a butterfly floating around this big world.

My success is attributed to Dr. Schiff and his amazing staff, who supported and encouraged me. I recommend this program 100%. I have learned how to eat healthy and stay fit.

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*Results are typical, but cannot be guaranteed.

Maxine Weight Loss Clinic Miramar, Fl
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