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Is Stress Eating Hurting Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Do you eat when you’re stressed?

Many of the patients at our weight loss clinic report that they do, but why?

Stress increases the production of cortisol in the body, which increases insulin resistance.

Many overweight people have some degree of insulin resistance which causes a compensatory rise in insulin. High insulin levels are associated with increased hunger and lower threshold to eat.

If you then eat carbs or sugar, when stressed, insulin levels rise even more – increasing cravings and lead to over eating and more weight gain. This additional insulin resistance sets off a vicious cycle. Stress further amplifies this entire process.

So how does one stop this process to enable weight loss?

Eliminating stress is easier said than done, even more so when struggling with weight loss.

However, there are supplements which can help. For example, medical studies have shown that Relora reduces perceived anxiety.

Relora Complex is a pharmseutical grade proprietary herbal blend of extract from Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense bark and B vitamins.

Studies have shown a reduction in measured cortisol levels in people who take Relora. The reduction in serum cortisol is thought to reduce insulin resistance, cravings and, ultimately, stress eating.

Many of our patients report improvement in their stress levels, stress eating and have improved weight loss on CardioMender, MD’s Relora Complex.


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