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Strategies for Successful Weight Loss include consistently balancing the three food groups to change your body’s physiology from the inside out, along with proper portion control. Choosing the right foods is pretty straightforward. The key is to select low glycemic carbohydrates including fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, such as lean meats, and low-fat dairy, limiting saturated and trans fats. What is a normal or “healthy” portion of food? The National Institute of Health defines a portion as “…the amount of food that you choose to eat for a meal or snack.” Therefore, the portion size depends entirely on the consumer. The size is determined by calorie restriction, food groups and hunger level.

Portion Control and Food Group Variety leads to Successful Weight Loss and Keeping It Off. In fact, reducing meal portions and pairing the right food groups, and eating food with more fiber, while avoiding processed foods, can lead to fewer calories ingested due to faster satiety. Unfortunately, portion sizes have tripled in the last few decades, coupled with increased consumption of processed foods and sugary beverages, causing dieting to be that much harder.

Here at CardioMender, MD, we know that Strategies for Successful Weight Loss include teaching our patients about portion control while balancing nutrition. The evidence-based tips below will teach you how to be nutritionally responsible for every meal and achieve Successful Weight Loss and the ability to Keep It Off!

  1. Your Plate Matters
    The size of the plate can be critical for Successful Weight Loss and Keeping It Off.  Indeed, eating on a smaller plate will change your perception of a moderately sized meal. Especially, if you fill half your plate with low calorie and fiber rich foods like low glycemic fruits and vegetables.
  2. Tools for Success
    Measuring the amount of food you eat is a sure way to Successful Weight Loss. Try portioning with a kitchen scale or a measuring cup for meals and snacks, especially in the beginning of your weight loss journey. This ensures you stay within your caloric restrictions; learning how to balance your food on the path to a lifetime of Successful Weight Loss and Keeping It Off. Just remember to also watch intake of fat and alcohol, since both are higher in calories, in addition to having a greater amount of carbohydrates, or glycemic load.
  3. Promote Change
    Take away your ability to overeat. Instead of eating a large portion from a restaurant, split it with a friend or simply request that the server pack up half your meal prior to it being served, and enjoy the leftovers at a later time. Another great habit for portion control is never eating food out of its bag or container. Measure your portion and eat it off a plate. Most foods that we crave can often be exchanged for new healthier options. Avoid eating fried dishes. Instead of fried chicken, try it grilled or baked. Instead of fried shrimp, choose steamed or broiled. Drinking 120 ounces of water or non-sugary beverages can not only reduce hunger, but alleviate the desire to drink sweetened drinks.
  4. Go Easy on Yourself
    Adopting a new behavior is hard. All of us make choices in the moment that we may later regret; this is completely normal. The key is to learn from our choices when we are not happy with the consequences and come up with a plan for the next time we are in a similar situation. For those tougher days, consider treating yourself and eating out, but still, follow some guidelines to stay on track. Read our blog for Tips to Eating Out at a Restaurant.
  5. Plan Ahead
    Portion control can seem tedious, especially if you don’t have time to measure. A great tip for busy bees is to partition pre-portioned snacks into containers or zip lock bags. Save even more time by stocking up on CardioMender MD flavorful protein bars and snacks. Next time you are running late, just grab and go!

Employ these Strategies and you will certainly achieve a lifetime of Successful Weight Loss and Keeping It Off!

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