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Reva R. Lost 71 LBS – Lose Weight, Feel Great Aventura

On Feb 2, 2011 after losing my health care coverage and my general practitioner telling me I needed to start taking insulin, I finally started my weight loss program with Dr. Schiff, my savior. I started on Feb 3, 2011 at the weight of 216 lbs. After 7 months of following the program, I am now a more normal 145 lbs.

During the process, not only have I lost the weight, but my cholesterol and sugars are at normal limits. By changing my diet, not only have I lost weight , but my husband lost 45 lbs and is now looking great and feeling great.

Thank you Dr. Schiff, you are my miracle worker.

CardioMender provides support and advice for weight loss in Aventura, FL! Contact us today for more information.

*Results are typical, but cannot be guaranteed.

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