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Weight Loss Maintenance – Get It Off and Keep It Off!


Diets Don’t Work; clinical studies have proven this. One of the biggest challenges for ‘dieters’ is keeping the weight off. It is a misconception that sustainable weight loss is simply a matter of ‘calories in vs. calories out’.

This represents an oversimplification employed by the weight loss industry. It may help you lose weight but it does not keep it off. This strategy addresses the symptom of being overweight but not its root cause. For sustained weight loss we must understand and address “What specifically drives us to eat more than our bodies need?”

Most of our patients acknowledge that once they start eating certain foods it’s almost impossible to stop, so in a sense, these foods are addicting. One taste makes you crave more and eat more. This is no accident. Most of us rely on quick fix solutions from restaurants or the supermarket to provide immediate solutions to our hunger. The objective of the food industry is to provide a readily available meal or snack that we find satisfying while maximizing their profits. Thus, when they manufacture food, it is made to taste great so we go back for more, both in the moment and the next time we are hungry. Their objective is to do so as cheaply as possible while prolonging shelf-life. Their primary focus is NOT our health; the food industry often uses flavor enhancing strategies which yield better profits and at times ignore long term potential health consequences.  We eat foods that are processed and laced with all kinds of ‘flavor additives’, many of which are in fact chemicals that have a drug-like effect on us; they get us to eat more and more. Processing generally increases the glycemic index of food, which contributes to over eating. Processed foods are also high in sodium and hidden pro-inflammatory fats (Omega-6’s).

The truth is, diets can lead to weight loss but without the knowledge of which foods cause cravings and which foods and practices counteract them, it is virtually impossible to keep the weight off once it is lost; it simply finds you again. Most people, after they lose weight, feel in control but when stressed, angry or bored it is easy to ‘fall off the wagon’. The hardest part is getting back on. That’s why I urge each of you to join our Maintenance Program and take advantage of the support we provide.


Dr. Cohen weight loss 5 years laterOur Maintenance Program is extremely successful.

Our acute weight loss patients are extremely successful but like everyone else they do have life challenges. Our objectives include identifying the challenges early and instituting a corrective action plan not only to get back on track but also to prevent a recurrence. On Maintenance, our patients have continued access to our physicians and the rest of our wellness and weight loss team and resources including weekly B-12/MIC injections and unlimited weigh-ins.

Free Maintenance Program

Once you have reached your weight loss goal we now waive the maintenance fee if you purchase one of our Premium Injection Packages and use it weekly! (Mega B-12/ Double Lipotropic or Mega B-6/B-12/ Double Lipotropic)**

For select patients we offer long term appetite suppressants as an option!

We offer our standard maintenance package for less than $50 per month*. You can be confident that you will get the support you need from our entire wellness and weight loss team to help you overcome your daily challenges, help ensure that health is optimized and see that the weight never comes back!

In order to keep it off, you’ve got to live it!
And we help you do it every step of the way!


* Based on purchasing our 1 Year Maintenance Program package. For our Maintenance Pricing, click here.
** Must purchase and use weekly 1 of our Maintenance Premium Injection Packages to qualify for Free Maintenance!

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