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Hollywood Weight Loss Review
Karen S. wrote on our Facebook page, thanking us for helping her lose weight:
“Thanks to the staff CardioMender MD Weight Loss Specialists I have lost 9.5 as of today. The whole staff is aewsome. And what can I say about Dr. Schiff? Thanks for taking time and helping me to learn how to eat healthy. I have tried so many different diets and been to so many diet places and I have to say I’m so Happy with you’re office. I know I will reach my goal.”

Doctor Schiff replied: “Thanks Karen for your kind words… Most of our patients lose 15 to 20 pounds the 1st month and keep on losing. The key is to continue to follow our step by step program and then the maintenance phase. You won’t be hungry and you won’t gain the weight back! Congratulations, we’ve only just begun!!!!”
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