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Part 1: Got Cravings? It’s No Accident!

Got Cravings?

Hunger is a natural feeling. Thousands of years ago, when the body was in need of nourishment, it was a survival advantage to feel hungry and seek food. For those whose bodies didn’t experience hunger, they didn’t store enough calories to survive the winter. Cravings represent a whole different phenomenon.

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Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetable and Herb Garden

Anyone can grow a home garden in very little space, even on a deck or balcony. All of my crops are grown in pots which range from a one gallon container to a large flower pot. It’s easy to do once you understand a few basic things, which I will address in a future article.

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Don’t Let the Pandemic Affect your Weight Loss and Wellness Journey

The COVID-19 pandemic has the full potential to affect both our short-term and long-term health if we fail to plan ahead or to be aware. Over time, a major contributor to people falling off plan is the unexpected or unanticipated event, or stressor, that alters our lives and interferes with our daily routines. The reality, most of us will survive the COVID-19 threat but a minority will not. To improve our odds, we can direct our focus, during this major crisis, to developing an action plan to minimize the risks to ourselves and our families.

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This Leap Year, Leap into Wellness

This year, 2020, is special, not just because it’s a new decade, but also because it’s a Leap Year. Take advantage of the extra day this month to celebrate a healthier, more energetic you and Leap into Wellness! Remember, we are unable to realize optimal health and energy levels without achieving and maintaining a reduced waistline.

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Learning More About the Gluten-Free Lifestyle

As we begin 2020, we can choose to be more focused on the quality as well as the quantity of the types of foods we consume. Just decades ago people were often misinformed about many common foods, their ingredients and how they could possibly affect overall health and undiagnosed conditions. 

One commonly discussed topic is gluten, which is a collective of proteins found in grains, including wheat, rye and barley. Now, knowing that gluten is in so many foods, and the effects it may have on us, can put each of us at a distinct advantage over those who previously did not have access to this knowledge. Although the effects of gluten vary, it’s important to understand what gluten is, and who truly needs to restrict gluten or maintain a gluten-free diet vs. those who simply can avoid gluten at their own discretion. 

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