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Weight Loss Support, Education and Monitoring

No weight loss program can be successful without on-going weight loss support and education.

It is only when you understand how your decisions affect your weight and health, that you can take control of the choices you make, ultimately bringing about long-term behavioral changes.

CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists accomplish this through direct patient education and weight loss support. In your quest to learn how to lose weight fast, it is a critical component to breaking the “yoyo dieting” cycle.

Acute Weight Loss Support

During the Acute Wellness and Weight loss Wellness Transformation Phase we meet weekly to monitor your progress and provide ongoing support and medical oversite.

Continued Maintenance Support

During the New Lifestyle Maintenance Phase weekly visits provide the connectivity you need to help you stay on track! We will provide continued support and monitoring as you master managing your diet and daily nutrition with the principles you learned during the Acute Wellness Transformation Phase.

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