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Hydration & Nutrition for Weight Loss

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Nutritional plans, not diet programs, are the first order of business.
Healthy nutrition for weight loss changes how your body works (your body’s physiology), and addresses behavioral issues, which together, set you up for long-term success.

Most adult brains confuse thirst for hunger

When it comes to hydration, most of us don’t drink enough fluids and are chronically dehydrated. This often results in eating when water is all our body really wants. If you are thirsty and you eat, it satisfies your thirst.

That’s one reason we encourage you to drink at least a gallon of fluid each day, with at least half of it being water. We prefer plain water because many beverages (including soda) contain caffeine that acts as a diuretic, which leads to further dehydration.

When you drink water and are adequately hydrated, hunger is quelled and weight loss is enhanced. Nutrition for weight loss is achieved through balance.

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