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Weight Loss Program Comparisons

What to Ask the Weight Loss Clinics You are Comparing, and Our Answers

You may look at several weight loss clinics or medical weight loss programs when choosing the right one for you.There are many factors to consider during your evaluation of the options.

QUESTION #1: Is the weight loss clinic supervised by a physician?

OUR ANSWER: We believe you should not trust your health with anything other than a weight loss program supervised by a weight loss physician. The clinic at CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists is directed by a doctor with relevant experience. Dr. Schiff, our Medical Director, is a Board Certified Cardiologist and Internist who has been practicing in the Pembroke Pines, South Broward area for over 25 years.

Dr. Schiff’s interest in weight management evolved from observing his patients’ personal struggles with chronic dieting as well as his involvement in helping patients overcome health issues that are a direct consequence of being overweight.

QUESTION #2: How long the weight loss program has been around?

OUR ANSWER: Our weight loss clinic opened as University Wellness and Weight Loss Centers in Pembroke Pines, FL on April 1, 2009. In December 2011 we adopted our new name to more accurately reflect our mission and passion.

QUESTION #3: Does the weight loss clinic have an established history of success keeping weight off?

OUR ANSWER: Read our patient’s success stories, from all over South Florida. Take it from them, not just us!

QUESTION #4: Do you have friends or family who lost weight on the weight loss program?

OUR ANSWER: Over 80% of our patients are referred to us. We are honored that our patients trust the care of their loved ones with our weight loss clinic.

QUESTION #5: Can you meet the staff who will help you along the way?

OUR ANSWER: You need to be comfortable with the office environment and the personalities of the staff and weight loss physician. A successful weight loss clinic revolves around a trusting, open relationship.We invite you to meet our weight loss physician, Dr. Schiff, and our team, so we can assess your needs, provide options, demonstrate our professionalism, weight loss experience and skills, and express our genuine objective of caring for you as an individual. If you are not convinced that we are uniquely qualified to best help you lose weight, you will NOT be charged for your visit.

QUESTION #6: Does the weight loss center utilize HCG?

OUR ANSWER: We do NOT use HCG – it is NOT approved by the FDA for weight loss. The primary FDA recommended use of HCG is for infertility – it is the hormone measured in urine and blood tests to determine if a woman is pregnant. A 2011 USA Today article entitled, “HCG Weight Loss Products are Fraudulent” addresses the ill-advised use of HCG for weight loss in detail.

QUESTION #7: Does the weight loss program includes injections?

OUR ANSWER: We use supplemental vitamin injections, which are a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They are vital to our weight loss program as they enhance your weight loss results. They help your body eliminate fat, control carbohydrate metabolism, aid your body’s immune system and increase energy. We strongly encourage the use of weight loss supplements during both the Wellness Transformation (acute weight loss) phase and the New Lifestyle (weight loss maintenance) phase. Read more about our two-phased weight loss program.

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