Susan S. Made Positive, Healthy Lifestyle Changes with CardioMender, MD!

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Since participating in the CardioMender MD plan, I’ve lost 58 lbs, my cholesterol has dropped 101 points, my blood glucose went from 96 to 88, my hemoglobin A1C dropped from 6.9 (diabetic) to 5.6 (normal) and my level of inflammation (c-reactive protein) is finally well within the normal range. I’m now a size 10, my life-threatening medical conditions have been reversed and I have an enormous amount of energy every day. I feel fantastic!

*Results are typical, but cannot be guaranteed.

Weight Control was Achieved by Cindy with CardioMender

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My life has changed in such a positive and beneficial way. I now have control over the foods I eat. I have so much energy mentally and physically. Food is no longer my crutch. Before starting the program with Dr. Schiff I was moody and felt hopeless; due to the increase in weight after giving birth to my 2nd daughter a year ago. I was at my heaviest and felt that starting any diet would be useless because I lacked motivation and thought I would never reach my goal. I just had no idea where to start.

*Results are typical, but cannot be guaranteed.