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VLC Zesty Lemon Crisp Bar


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Lemon-flavored and satisfying! Pick up a few, or a whole box, at our office and ask us how you can incorporate this into your weight loss plan.

7 bars/box

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VLC Zesty Lemon Protein Bar – Great Protein Snack!

This lemon protein bar is an excellent source of protein, Gluten-free, 5g net carbs and just the right amount of Creamy Lemon PERFECTION!

Get ready for a lemon-flavored escape with the VLC Zesty Lemon Crisp Protein Bar. Healthy and tasty, this protein bar will not make you miss those sweets!

With only 160 calories, 7 g of total fat, and 0 mg of Cholesterol, this is the perfect addition to your weight loss routine.

Ingredients include:
Protein blend (soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate, acid casein, milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate), polydextrose, isomaltooligosaccharide, vegetable oil (palm kernel oil, palm oil, shea oil), hydrolyzed gelatin, glycerin, high oleic sunflower oil, tapioca starch, natural and artificial flavors (egg, peanuts, almonds), soy lecithin, yogurt powder (cultured non-fat milk solids), citric acid, skim milk powder, calcium carbonate, salt, ascorbic acid, malic acid, sucralose & acesulfame-potassium (non-nutritive sweeteners), monoglycerides, turmeric extract (color).

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