Peanut Batter Nougat and Apple Snack

///Peanut Batter Nougat and Apple Snack

Peanut Batter Nougat and Apple Snack

For a quick-fix, delicious treat try Doc’s Peanut Batter Nougat and Apple snack. Takes only seconds to prepare.

Peanut Batter Nougat and Apple Snack web

A super quick, delicious peanut batter snack!



  • Slice apple
  • Using a butter knife, spread half of the protein bar onto the apple slices. That smooth and yummy protein bar makes a healthy and delicious peanut batter.
  • For extra ‘spreadability’ remove bar from wrapper, place on a microwave safe dish and microwave for about 8 seconds before spreading onto apple.

This recipe, using half an apple and half a bar, as shown in the photo, exchanges for 1 LP (lean protein) and 1/2 fruit.
Save the remaining half bar and half apple for a snack later in the day.


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