Our Weight Loss Doctors are Dedicated to Your Success

Dr. Barry Schiff, MD – Cardiologist and Director of Medical Operations

Weight Loss DoctorsBarry H. Schiff, MD is not just one of our weight loss doctors, he’s also proud to serve as our weight loss program’s Founder and Medical Director.

As one of our weight loss doctors, Dr. Schiff takes pride in his involvement with his patients through individualized programs designed to address the underlying cause of their medical condition, thus definitively treating the patient and eliminating the problem.


Dr. Allen Young, MD – Weight Loss and Internal Medicine

obesity medicine
Dr. Allen is the newest weight loss doctor to join the team. Dr. Young is very passionate about helping his patients fully understand their conditions and the potential complications that obesity can create. He wants to help his patients remain compliant with their program so as to not only improve the quality of their life but improve the quantity of their life.



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