Doc’s Crunchy Paleo Treats

///Doc’s Crunchy Paleo Treats

Doc’s Crunchy Paleo Treats

Try unleavened Paleo wraps, a crunchy and buttery treat! Have it crunchy and plain or embellished with cream cheese or your favorite spread.


Doc’s Crunchy Paleo Treats

Have these plain or with fat-free cream cheese, or use as a substitute for matzoh! Crunchy perfection in about one minute! Available in our pantry at CardioMender, MD Weight Loss.


  • Paleo Coconut wraps*
  • Optional: Fat-free cream cheese


  • Toast wrap on medium heat in toaster oven, directly on rack, for approximately 1 minute.
  • Watch carefully and remove when just browning.
  • Use tongs to remove from toaster oven, as the wrap will be very hot.
  • When cooled, the wrap will harden and be a delicious, crunchy snack.
  • Option 1: Spread on fat-free cream cheese after toasting
  • Option 2: Fold in fat-free cream cheese and then toast.

Looking for new ideas for Passover? Use these toasted wraps instead of matzoh!

And here are some great recipes to help make your Passover dinner complete:

*Sold in our pantry, and now available in re-sealable bags!
For more information on our Paleo Coconut wraps, click here.
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