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Trish Bell, FNP-C – Weight Loss Team Member

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CardioMender MD Weight Loss Team

Trish Bell, FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner – Certified


Trish brings years of experience in Medically Supervised Weight Loss, Family Practice and Rheumatology to her Nurse Practitioner role at CardioMender, MD. Born and reared in Williamsburg, Virginia, she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Her experience in rheumatology opened her eyes to the necessity of weight management in the treatment of arthritis and immunologic disorders. Trish is excited to contribute her knowledge and expertise to the patients of CardioMender, MD.

Trish maintains a healthy lifestyle by teaching and participating in fitness activities. She also enjoys relaxing, traveling, spending time with her faithful dog, Chance, and reading.

Miriela Rojas Weight Loss Team Member

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Miriela Rojas at CardioMenderMD Weight Loss Specialists

Miriela Rojas – Patient Care Specialist


Miriela was born in Key West, FL and raised in Hialeah, where she is currently settled. She is the mother of two with a busy schedule, as she is currently working at CardioMender, MD (CMMD) full time and attending Florida Career College (FCC), studying to become a Medical Assistant. She has always been interested in the medical field and just recently had the opportunity to continue her education with high hopes of becoming a CMMD Nutritional Specialist.

On the rare occasion that she has free time, Miriela enjoys boating, fishing and relaxing at the beach.

Felicia Harmon Weight Loss Team Member

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Felicia Harmon at CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists

Felicia Harmon – Wellness Support Coach


After spending 25 years in the Retail Loss Prevention industry, Felicia obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management, following her heart to become a Medical Assistant. She graduated “Magna Cum Laude” from American Institute, Margate, Florida. After graduation, she worked for two Internal Medicine practitioners.

She is honored to be part of the CardioMender (CMMD) team and is grateful to have the opportunity to help others overcome their weight loss challenges and achieve overall health. Felicia is able to identify with the CMMD patients as she herself has recently achieved significant weight loss and lifestyle changes.

Felicia considers herself to being outgoing, kind, giving and very personable. She loves spending time with family and friends and enjoys outdoor activities, such as the beach, pool and festivals.

Amanda Rodriguez Weight Loss Team Member

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Amanda at CardioMenderMD Weight Loss Specialists

Amanda Rodriguez – Wellness Support Coach


Amanda has achieved her Associates of Science degree as a Registered Medical Assistant. She has numerous years of experience working in the industry, primarily in the cardiac field. With her experience in Cardiology, Amanda believes that to have a healthy heart, you must begin by healthy lifestyle choices, beginning with diet and exercise. This is why she fits right in at CardioMender, MD. Amanda enjoys creating bonds with patients and celebrating their success.

Amanda is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences with plans to get her Master’s in Organizational Psychology to ultimately work as a Human Resources Manager in a Healthcare Facility.

Erica Montecalvo, PA-C – Weight Loss Team Member

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Certified Physician Assistant at CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists

Erica Montecalvo, PA-C

Certified Physician Assistant


Erica is an NCCPA certified Physician Assistant with an interest in obesity medicine. She graduated from medical school in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was then offered a position in HIV/AIDS medical research at the University of Miami. She worked there for 8 years then decided to pursue a career in clinical medicine. Erica returned to school to become a certified physician assistant in July of 2017.

Erica’s experience working in Infectious Diseases has given her an understanding of patients who are nutritionally deprived and those who are overweight. Although the latter is due to advances in antiretroviral therapy, these patients face the same challenges as those without HIV such as being overweight, hypertensive, diabetic or diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.

She is looking forward to helping patients lose weight and keep it off, as well as to acquire additional knowledge in obesity medicine.

Luis “Luchy” Huertas Weight Loss Team Member

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CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Team Member

Luis “Luchy” Huertas – Wellness Support Coach


Luis “Luchy” Huertas is a Certified Registered Medical Assistant (CRMA) with an Associate’s Degree in nursing. He has numerous years of experience at Memorial Regional Hospital in the Division of Neurosurgery.

Having played two years of collegiate baseball, Luchy understands the importance of nutrition to live a healthier life. He strives to help people find a solution to their health struggles through diet and exercise.

Luchy is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing with a plan to one day become a Nurse Anesthetist. He is fun, loving, outgoing and willing to go above and beyond to help anyone in need.

Luz Santiago Weight Loss Team Member

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Luz Santiago – Wellness Support Coach


Luz believes that working at CardioMender is the perfect place for her to get a great deal of satisfaction from helping others get in shape and feel better about themselves.

Luz was born in a small city in upstate New York and moved to South Florida when she was twenty years old. She completed her schooling to become a Medical Assistant and her first job as a Certified Medical Assistant was working at an urgent care center.

Luz accumulated her skills and knowledge from her years of working within the urgent care environment and now has joined the team here at CardioMender, which she embraces as family.

Mariana Caraballo Weight Loss Team Member

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Mariana Caraballo – Patient Care Specialist


Mariana was born in Dominican Republic and the first person in her family to graduate from high school. She came to the US when she was seven years old and briefly lived in Missouri before permanently settling in Hollywood, Florida.

Mariana is a current student at Broward College, following her dreams of becoming a Labor and Delivery Nurse. She has always been interested in the medical field and volunteers at the hospital during her spare time. Mariana knew working at CardioMender would be the perfect opportunity for her to grow in the medical field and increase her knowledge.

Jade Rosing Weight Loss Team Member

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Jade Rosing – Patient Care Specialist

Jade studied at Barry University for her AS in psychology and is now continuing her education in health psychology, specializing in childhood obesity. She has experience helping people reach their health and wellness goals, as well as planning and conducting health fairs within the community.

Jannara Stevenson – Weight Loss Team Member

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Jannara Stevenson – Wellness Support Coach

Soon after high school, Jannara enrolled at the School of Health Careers in Fort Lauderdale to pursue her aspirations of becoming a Medical Assistant. After graduating, she spent five years as an MA at an Internal Medicine practice in Margate, Florida.

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