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Barry H. Schiff, MD is proud to serve as our weight loss program’s Founder and Medical Director. His interest in weight management evolved from years of observing his patients experience the vicious cycle of recurring health issues which were direct consequences of being overweight, and have not been successfully addressed by the healthcare industry or by dieting.

Stop Cravings and Keep the Weight OFF!

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Each of us take vacations, celebrate holidays and enjoy special occasions. Festive meals are often the centerpiece of these events. In the moment, they are a time when many of us fall off our nutritional plan. The decision to go off plan in advance, a planned deviation, is an art that, once mastered, can help stop cravings and maintain weight loss and optimal health.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from the Zika Virus Naturally

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Mosquito-borne illnesses are becoming more prevalent around the world and even in North America. Reports of the Zika virus and the mosquito species that spread it have arrived in South Florida. But before you reach for that DEET, it’s important to know about natural alternatives to insect repellent that don’t pose the health risks of applying poisonous pesticides to your skin.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Get Her a Basket of Healthy Goodies

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It’s a great Mother’s day gift. Get Mom a basket of healthy foods that help her Live It!

We’ve got a great Mother’s Day gift idea!

Get her a basket of healthy goodies from our new online store!
We’ve got them for sale on this site, just in time for Mother’s Day. You can buy them here and they’ll be ready for you to pick up in our store on Friday and Saturday! If you want, you can pick the specific flavors or varieties when you arrive.

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